Gnome 41 is offering features that other distributions have taken it upon themselves to build for the last few years - power management, a better app store, workstyle-configuration (e.g. workspaces).

I'm glad that Gnome is catching up to the crowd, but it seems like the other distributions had to work hard to make up for Gnome's stubbornness for the longest time.

I'm incredibly grateful for the work Gnome does, but it's only recent that they seem grateful for their users (and their opinions).

Maybe I'm in the minority - but for the longest time it felt like Gnome was making decisions based on a user-type that was nothing like myself. That forced me to do quite a bit of work with every release to maintain the workflow they had introduced me to originally.

I'm really happy working on PopOS lately. The desktop features I appreciate the most are all productivity related: workspace configuration, tiling-mode that is easy to use, and little nods like power-management.

I believe FOSS works best when projects limit their scope to "doing one thing exceptionally well" - be it a library, binary, or even a desktop. In the case of Gnome, I think they'd contribute the most to the ecosystem if they created a desktop that was a framework more than a product. Expect that your consumers will tweak, adjust, and extend it. The main "feature" you deliver is the ability to tweak almost any setting and have it not break (or at least provide for a wide array of inputs).

@funnylookinhat yeah but that’s KDE… I personally prefer Gnome specifically because it is how it is. I believe FOSS works best when there is diversity in the ecosystem 😉

@funnylookinhat which also plays well into Pop!_OS and Cosmic. They are a new and different take on Gnome, and that’s awesome!


@funnylookinhat honestly, System76 has (like you said) really done a lot to drive Gnome forward

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