I remember that back in Mojave/catalina days I used to say that MacOS is even more opened than windows, and that people who thing its as closed as IOS are mistaken.
I guess I'm going to have to back out of that.
Strightening gate keeper, blocking custom software update servers, inability to downgrade within MacOS it self, what else?
Apple, you're ruining an operating system I've had so many happy memories with, including learning command line.

I ment not worry, either MacOS's stupid correction broke the word or I miss spelled it as work instead of worry

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Does anyone have a easy to setup solution to my problem?
I've wanted to setup a Spotify portable music player using my RPI 3B+ as I don't use it for anything else at the moment.
The problem is that in the configuration I have it in right now there would be a bunch of cables connected and it would in no way be a portable Spotify player.
So, is there a little MP3 player like case for an RPI that I could just throw xbnc on, plug in my head phones and don't work about wasting my phone's battery?

So, I've made the script for MacOSX snow leopard RootFS extraction.
Its a very buggy script that has no error checking and no fancy menus, so if someone has enough knowledge to help, I'd be insanely happy. For now though, I hope you enjoy what I've made so far.

What does an average 15 year old do? Play some games, because why not.
What do I do? Extract all the snow leopard package files in to a directory to recreate a snow leopard root file system, because I'm bored, and because why not.
Lol, it actually succeeded. There were a bunch of permission denied errors and no such file and directory errors as well, but most stuff copied so now I have a pretty complete SL root file system on my Catalina machine. Isn't that great?

Lets keep posting about my Mac adventures. Just wanted to install snow leopard on my Mac Pro, but no luck, the internal speakers refuse to output voice over for some odd and unknown reason.
I am also keeping hunting on older Macs, and I've found a nice little Mac I could buy for pretty cheap but the dude who's selling it doesn't even want to try and tell me the specs. Ugh.

I'm really excited now, because I may just get 2 working macbook's for only 60 bucks! These are the MacBook Pro A1181 2007 models as far as I remember. I'll probably install snow leopard on one of them at least, if I'll ever get my hands on them. For now I've contacted the seller and asked for technical specifications and if they're both 60 bucks or 60 bucks per macbook.

So, 2021 has finally came.
And... I don't really care. I mean, great, its here, but I'm not like woohoo yay yay!
I'm just hoping I can finally get my wish and go to a student exchange to either US, UK, Australia or Japan and meat someone that'll be my friend for the rest of our lives.
Sadly, its probably not going to happen.

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Hi, I'm Audie. I'm 32 years old, white and autistic. My pronouns are they/them, and I'm queer. I'm anti-fascist and anti-capitalist and I came to the Fediverse because I was banned from Twitter for getting in too many fights with racists, eugenicists, and "libertarians."

I'm on hackers.town because I have an interest in technology that goes back to my early childhood and I've been an open source software advocate since I was in high school. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades with regard to tech and networking, but I've also recently developed an interest in 3D modeling.

One of my underlying interests is accessible tech and design. As a disabled person myself, this issue is central to my own experiences and I hope to get into that development field at some point.

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Solve the riddle and be the first to receive our Rockchip RK3566 Single Board Computer.


Okay now, what the total fuck was that. I'm trying to download the xp source via a Linode server from a torrent. It fails. I'm going down stairs, unpacking a dish washer and telling my family I was just going to download a torrent on a remote server. They activated their its illegal shield and started throwing arguments at me like your ssh won't do anything and they'll track you, ETC. I hate when people that have no fucking clue what they're talking about tell me ssh is insecure.

I mean revolut, stupid MacOS correction mechanism.

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Oh come on now. Every! Single! Cloud provider doesn't accept prepaid credit cart's and its driving me mad! AWS, no. GCP, no. Azure, no. Oracle cloud, fucking no. Come on, just let me sighn up. Why can't I get a normal credit cart, I hear you asking? Well because I'm still a kid so its technically a no go. I have a revolution junior cart, that's *only* prepaid. I'm frustrated now cause the biggest reason why I wanted a credit cart is to sign up to these cloud providers.

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YouTube has "shadowbanned" video called "The CIA is a Terrorist Organization", treating it as "unlisted" (not displaying anywhere unless you have the link.

The same creator, SecondThought, received a visit to his home from DHS (Department of Homeland Security) for a video about police brutality. The DHS asked him about the "Anti-American sentiment" within his videos.

The full story directly from SecondThought can be found in this thread: nitter.net/_SecondThought/stat

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i did briefly own the longest possible domain that consists only of the word horse (horse 12 times dot horse), but i could never figure out what to do with it

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Okay, I'm really fucking frustrated now. I got my Mac Pro 3,1 a few days ago. First I had problems with MacOS as dosdude's Catalina patcher kinda broke, but I got around that. Downloaded the win10iso, installed fusion12, created the VM, and the magical wonder of errors came. Intel ept not supported on this host. Now I have to wonder how I'll fucking get windows with no sighted help. ugh. Does someone have a different and better solution to sticking with fusion8?

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maybe, it isn't because of being blind, only.
Seems there are people out there, which don't know about privacy, or that unknown people aren't well known dear friends. Those people expect anybody unknown to be their own, having to tell anything and being "good friends" without having anything which gives reason for it.
They dream something, it seems, and expect all have to fulfil their desires.
So it looks for me.

I believe i have to clear out a few things for people wanting to talk to me privately.
1: Do not ask if you can be my friend. I never seek for friends as i believe you find friends randomly, thats also a reason why i never would use dating sites.
2: Dont ask too much personal questions. I know people are curious on how blind people live, how much independent they are, ETC, but i aint your FAQ/Q and A machine, google is your friend here.

I dont know why i hate so much. It just feels like a total waste of time to me. Tehnically i've never been to school because i'm home schooling for my whole life, thanks to that i've been able to learn to the level i know it now, or and make my accessible spinoffs, and so many other things, but i stil feel like school is shit, even though fisics, math and all the other stuff i dont like is decreased to a minimum.

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