Why I run barechested at -3°C?
When life gives you lemons, eat them.

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@stardust Out of interest, why've you Cloudflare'd your site?

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@stardust Cloudflare has a *lot* of power over the web. If you let them handle HTTPS, you're letting them MITM every single piece of HTTPS traffic your server gets. The 'net should be decentralised; problems come when it isn't.

Think how great Google used to be, and how not-great it is now. What if that happens to Cloudflare? (What if it's already happened?) I don't see the sense in risking it, when we don't have to.

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@wizzwizz4 But does it matter as much for static websites that don't receive any login information?

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@stardust Not as much. But it's one more piece of information about other people's online activity leaked to a behemoth, for a sysadmin's convenience. It still matters. Not only is that probably a poor trade, it's not the sysadmin's trade to make.

Cloudflare is a publicly-traded corporation, so all its expenditures have to be justified by expected profit. How does Cloudflare make money from doing your HTTPS?

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@wizzwizz4 “Cloudflare is a publicly-traded corporation”

Did not know that. That changes the equation somewhat. Thanks.

“How does Cloudflare make money from doing your HTTPS?”

Not my https, but by selling a service to those who need more than the free features:

letsencrypt does accept bitcoin donations though, which has become a red flag to me.

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@stardust 🤷 Some of us still hold to the ideal of Bitcoin – even though a Proof of Work currency could never give us that, even disregarding Bitcoin's descent from a counterculture currency to yet another cog in the financial machine… All digital payment systems are really flawed, so I don't begrudge anyone for accepting Bitcoin.

But, anyway, Let's Encrypt is as cool as any CA can be.

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@wizzwizz4 “All digital payment systems are really flawed”

I beg to differ: “The East African region has cemented its position in the digital economy as the global leader with the highest penetration rate of mobile money in the world.” —Daily Monitor (2021)

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@stardust Bitcoin is worse than Stripe. Not everyone can use Stripe, though; if you're accepting donations, you can't afford to be picky.

Bitcoin completely sucks. But some people think it's worth something for some reason, so you can accept donations with it, if you don't mind contributing to the ever-growing environmental disaster that is Bitcoin mining. (Until the speculative bubble crashes, that is.)

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