The folly of pride.

Winning necessarily comes down to luck or the defeat of an inferior. Both are nothing to be proud of. Therefore, we should not compete for the sake of being better than others, but only to improve ourselves and help others do the same.

Today my old Hotmail email, and thus Microsoft account, was voluntarily closed along with Protonmail. I closed the former because of spam and disuse, the latter because of their support of creeptocurrencies.

Using browser and email provider now and couldn't be more satisfied.!

Recently switched from ProtonMail and Tutanota to :vivaldi: Vivaldi Webmail. It's pretty darn fantastic. Without hesitation I went ahead and updated my Google alternatives list:

I have long believed the gross/total amount of monetary wealth in the world is directly proportional to its amount of abject suffering and poverty. Marx proved it mathematically, using simple arithmetic. To cut a long story short, profit in the form of money finds its origin in unpaid labour.

Both anarchists and non-anarchist communists should find this research agreeable. When I see people in housing stress, homelessness, malnutrition, illness, destitution: in short, deprived of their dignity and self-respect; I see Mister Moneybags cigar-chomping in his Reserve Bank or Apple Corporation board room, getting slapped on the back for ‘creating jobs’, or ‘disrupting society’ with ‘innovative’ technologies.

If they could get away with paying us nothing, as is so frequently the case (Walmart and Amazon workers subsisting on food stamps), they would. I have some ideas about how much of this system is or is not perpetuated with conscious intentional malice, but it doesn’t matter. This arrangement of human society around greed and gluttony has to come to an end.

Added a testimony for ; simply amazing. My smartphone is now completely rid of Google.

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I deliberately don't use . However, using Cloudflare for https has analytics by default. Good or bad? I'm on the fence.

NFTs have done one good thing: everyone now knows crypto-bros are just like that second cousin or old schoolmate you have selling makeup/skin products on Instagram or Facebook in some pyramid scheme. The difference is crypto-bros think they're clever, in the same way Rick and Morty super-fans think they're clever.

Money corrupts; bitcoin corrupts absolutely.
Disregarding all of bitcoin's shortcomings, a financial instrument that brings out the worst in people—greed—won't change the world for the better.

Does anyone know of an extension that automatically refreshes the webpage when it detects a change in the local directory, such as the .html or .css file?

I used to have an extension that would automatically redirect to an instance URL such as However, I can't find it any more. Perhaps someone in here will know?

Let's say I want to post something not FOSS related, such as nutrition or philosophy, is there a way to post directly to other communities? Or do I have to make a separate account for each disparate topic I want to talk about.

Google couldn't sign me in, so I signed out, indefinitely. How Google's insidious behavior led me to find superior alternatives.


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