Backing up my CD collection to FLAC I'm surprised just how many CDs I bought and never opened having only used the stream or bundled MP3. It's been like a present from my younger self seeing some of the album art for the first time

@stardot heh. I've had a similar experience, but went through the lyrics booklets. One CD had a 14 blank pages booklet. I called a friend I knew had the cd and asked him about it. He confirmed it and was as surprised as I was.

@clmbmb I've found all sorts of nice extras, photography, thank you messages, stickers etc. You forget what you miss going fully digital like the music was the only thing that mattered. Still prefer for the full package though.

@clmbmb noticed your name, RATM self-titled was one of my most well loved albums in the pile. Brought up so many memories dropping that one in the drive

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