Twitter has just crossed the Rubicon. A corporation has suspended the main means of communication of the head of state of the most powerful country in the world. #Trump #WashingtonDC

Silicon Valley Declares War

The solution would be standardized, federated and interoperable communication platforms of all sorts with governments that operate their own instances, where local laws apply.

Like Matrix for the Bundeswehr and in France instead of WhatsApp and the Mastodon instances of @bfdi and @lfdi .

Great, let's get it done!

@tpheine @bfdi @lfdi Yeah. Problem is the public won’t be there and that defeats the purpose.

Yeah, but maybe then the people may join it as well, when they find out that there will be all information available instead of FB or Twitter?

@bfdi @lfdi

@tpheine @bfdi @lfdi Yeah. No. Following someone on another servers is so complicated, non-nerds will never accept this...

Although I can not agree with it, as I can follow across instances without any hassles, I understand and sure agree, that the Fediverse in general needs improvement. This can and could be done with public resources, when real company independence is the goal and full time developer will be paid to improve it.

Have a nice day, mate ☺️


@tpheine @fabsh it only needs improvement of you want to lower the bar so much we welcome a flood of morons into the network. It isn't difficult for people with half a brain and that suits me just fine. Its like passing a sorely needed Internet license test.

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