Starting to regret trying to test out , "trying" being the operative word being that installation has been a buggy nightmare on both boxes I've attempted to use it on.

server used to be a nice minimal distro I used happily for years. Installed it for first time in quite a while, the installer is now badly broken and the boot up time took something like 10 minutes. If it hasn't taken me over an hour just to install it through many bugs and crashes I would've given up before the login prompt arrived. Shame they had to ruin it

After months of delay I finally pulled the trigger on upgrading my , by which i mean I'm replacing everything but the drives (for now). It arrives fully loaded with 32GB RAM, a first for me. Thought it might be a little decadent but then saw my console log warnings going back months telling me the swap was full so I thought , i just got through 2020!

observations so far.
People's names in the disc title. Whole series of TV shows in one title with no chapters (grr!).
Seasons of programs where the discs are physically identical to each other, problematic if you remove them from their cases at the same time!
Multi-angle releases, totally forgot about those.

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Taking the opportunity while home working to finally "backup" my DVD collection. Literally the reason I built my NAS nearly 10 years ago and never finished the job until now when I'm planning it's first major upgrade.

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We always had a fire extinguisher and mainline connected fire alarm in the hallway of our apartment, but I just installed two more battery-operated smoke alarms in the lounge, bedroom, and basement.

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At 99 kroner each, it's pretty cheap to do and could be life-savers one day!

How well is your home protected from fire?


Put some vents in the roof to try help the airflow and reduce the damp. Then put in a environment sensor up there to track it's progress. Now I can understand why it seems to rain indoors!

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Watched "The Purge" for the first time tonight. It probably seemed so far fetched when they made it back in 2013.

Having to write for normies is exhausting work.

I've been considering buying a weather station for home use for a while, but now I've found there's at least 2 of them in radio range belonging to my neighbours broadcasting temp, humitidy and rainfall readings. Maybe I just need to get myself a wind sensor then I'll have everything I need!

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What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Had a nosey in a neighbour's garage from a distance and saw what looked like a collection of 486 and OG pentium CPUs glued to the wall. Safe to assume he's one of us

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Catching up on some 99PI episodes from last year. How did I miss this fabulous episode about Geocities!?

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**Manchester sinkhole: Houses collapse in Gorton street**

"Investigations are ongoing into what caused the road surface to give way, United Utilities say."

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If the inauguration becomes a super spreader event, I'm pretty sure it was Garth Brooks getting over excited

you destroy 64GB with a snap of the fingers, each time my Raspberry Pi burns out yet another SD card. Probably a GenX/Xennial thing.

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Delta Chat is probably the most scalable messenger today.
Even if a billion users migrated to our apps, we would be fine and it wouldn't ruin us. Our Operating Costs hardly increase with more users. A pretty unique strategic economical advantage, isn't it?

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