I remember when Google scanning your emails for ads caused a big ethical panic. Now I'm just annoyed because either of the suggested responses to my text message would get me in trouble

are there any open gateways for , or do I have to move servers? I did use one once a long time ago but I think it was just conveniently misconfigured

It's been so long since I wrote anything in I'm finding the lack of keybindings a bit jarring

What is an optimal number of RSS/ATOM feeds to subscribe to?

Installing on my netbook with the aim of making it into a sleek CLI machine using text mode browsers and apps because it sure as hell ain't fast enough for the bloated graphical web.

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I'm on a search for #retrocomputing #movies for which I forgot the details. Boost ok.

Part 1.

A (british?) 70s or 80s series with a guy who learns about something criminal going on.

In the end he needs to implement kind of a virus which makes sure he is still alive by entering a key once in a while, otherwise it publishes the story by printing it on every newspaper office's printer.

The intro had a walking figure which duplicates over the screen.

Any ideas?

Been out today in some summer-like sun and took the opportunity to plant a bay tree that has been pot bound since my grandmother potted it over 10 years ago. Next week will be 7 years since she passed so knowing she was the last person to have their hands in that soil feels kind of poignant.

is like my dream of a fully reader-mode web come true

Why is people waiting outside for the pub to open at midnight seen as anything other than a depressing indightment of our alcoholic culture.

I *think* I got quicksync transcoding working in Plex on without lots of aggro. Just waiting to find the catch...

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Overclocking my CPU like it's 1999 😎

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I recently started getting into (And in particular) and was wondering if there are any best practices regarding the management of subkeys. My basic understanding is this: You shouldn't use your "master" key directly, but use a subkey instead that has an expiration date.

But, and here's where I'm looking for advice, *when* should I create a subkey? One for every use case? Only once it expires? Should I rotate every so often? How many keys do you have at a time?

Been digging a bit deeper into GnuPG this week, I'm also not sleeping well. Not sure if these things are linked.

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Kudos to the colleague at my mum's ISP, where I work, for helping her fix the wifi on her office laptop, that I had already excluded from the familial support contract. I know this is going to open a whole can of worms.

After a 23-hour work day on Monday I was surprisingly productive yesterday. Full night's sleep last night and today, not so much. Starting to wonder if there's an optimum level of sleep-deprivation that de-activates some of the diversionary parts of my brain.

I curse the IOS VRF implementation, not that it needs it.

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