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Wow mask math is really interesting and not intuitive.

I gotta check out the interactive site mentioned

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"The entitlement of these fuckers is just off the charts. They have zero right, none, to the tracking they’ve been getting away with. We, as a society, have implicitly accepted it because we never really noticed it."

Saw a job posting for an infosec lead at a company I know recently went through a ransomware disaster. Gate, horse, bolted.

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Meditation has become a part of my life. I’m still learning, but here’s a quick list of some of the lessons learned so far.

Part of the #100DaysToOffload series.

My wife soft (deactivated) over the weekend. Very proud, but I know from experience the one true way out is to burn your bridges i.e. insult all your friends and family, call them a bunch of facist racist idiots then hit the delete button.

Been trying out NewPipe for YouTube videos and as I suspected I'm finding I miss out on so much because their algorithm has been deciding what I should watch instead of me. Really need to purge all algorithms from my online life as quickly as possible

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I am looking for a piece of self-hostable software that would act as a bookmark manager with an RSS *publisher* (not reader!).

What I mean by that is for it to be able to save bookmarks to it, and then use a separate device to read them as an RSS feed.

Anybody heard of anything like that?

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Striking a nerve, and I will absolutely recommend: "Have creative outlets and create a space to focus on yourself, to switch off and relax"

In one day I've needed to replace batteries in my microchip cat flap (6 AA), touchless kitchen bin (4 AA), a remote control (2 AAA) and my son's Ewan the Sheep toy (3 AAA). It's getting ridiculous. Luckily I keep a lot of spares but I'm going to need a re-up now

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Facebook is extremely over-engineered for a birthday reminder app


The adverts for this new Nolan film have definitely crossed the line of saturation so now every additional time I see the ad, I get less likely to want to watch it.

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As I get older, I realise that with things like projects for communication and collaboration the code needs to be fully open, but we also need to ensure future generations have access to improvements in code that's developed. It's too important especially with what technology can be used for. Code needs to be available to everyone not just for development but to be able to inspect what that code does. But in order for developers to code they still need to pay the mortgage, supporting families.

I keep encountering Americans using the phrase "same exact" instead of "exact same" which is familiar to me. It grinds my gears far more than it really should. I presume this is a more subtle example of American rebellion against the Queen's English.

Are Smart TRVs worth the effort? Seems a lot of money for minimal energy efficiency gains, but I can't resist things with added Bluetooth.

Someone tell Microsoft that "apps" are small programs that go on phones, Microsoft Office 2019 is an application suite, two entirely different things.

Lost the remote control for my AV receiver 2 weeks ago, it's been driving me crazy and I was a day away from buying a replacement when it showed up push inside a rolled-up yoga mat in another part of the house. Kids man...

I appear to have reached that age when I bump my knee and I'm limping for an indeterminate amount of time thereafter ugh

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