@hypolite Patriotism doesn't exist because it can be justified by logic or statistics.

It exists because it is useful to the powers that be. Logic and statistics alone won't inspire young men to throw their lives away in unjust wars. Nor will they inspire young women to waste their lives in unfulfilling relationships.

For that you need a compelling narrative.


Daniel Hale was charged under the Espionage Act for the "crime" of exposing the classified fact that nearly 90% of those the government kills via drone are innocents and bystanders. 90%.

Hale should be pardoned. Reality Winner should be pardoned. End the war on whistleblowers.


@hund None. I only want to get email from people who give a shit about me.

@greenpete The web is just cable TV with a comments section over HTTPS now. Time to move on.


Columbia's government: "No lives matter. Only property matters."

@mart Make sure you know a reliable repair shop nearby or learn to repair/restore your own.


Oh, I didn't even mention my favorite part: publicly impaling senior management and livestreaming the executions.

@Naughtylus It's the silent N in GAFAMN; you could drop it and nobody would care.

Virgin unorganized brain worker vs. the chad organized manual worker.

@hypolite I know. I also know it's another thing entirely to impose an appropriate penalty.

Then again, my idea of appropriate punishment for astroturfing involves the dissolution of corporate charters and asset forfeiture, so...

uspol, ajit pai 

@hypolite Of course they did, and it isn't just Astroturf. Has anybody else noticed that former FCC chair Ajit Pai takes advantage of the revolving door between the Federal government and the private sector?


1997-2001: gov't
2001-2003: Verizon
2004-2011: gov't
2011-2012: Jenner & Block
2012-2021: FCC
2021-present: Searchlight Capital

I suspect that the next time the GOP gets a majority in Congress Pai will get appointed to another Executive Branch job.

@starbreaker @codesections I hear that, AWS lambda and the horseshit it entails should be a full time job in and of itself. $work semi-recently started a project in that quagmire and I got picked to take a significant part of writing that project. I think I spent a good three weeks going to bed every night with a headache.

@splatt9990 Yeah, I see it in the docs now. I should be studying React like it's a fuckin' full-time job, but I'm also getting my head around AWS and serverless while also dealing with my first direct reports ever. I've got too much to do, and I absofuckinlutely refuse to work overtime because

1. I don't get paid for that shit.
2. I'm not a young man anymore and if I don't take care of myself I'll get sloppy and fuck things up.

Transitioning to management is almost tempting.


@kevdev I started with C, but that was way the hell back in the mid-1990s.

@codesections My understanding is that React doesn't deal with state on its own. Instead, you've got to use Redux with React if you want to handle state client-side.

This is my most recent reason to regret becoming a developer.

@scylla So, even worse than Showgirls, Caligula, and Battlefield Earth?

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