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Daniel Hale was charged under the Espionage Act for the "crime" of exposing the classified fact that nearly 90% of those the government kills via drone are innocents and bystanders. 90%.

Hale should be pardoned. Reality Winner should be pardoned. End the war on whistleblowers.

Virgin unorganized brain worker vs. the chad organized manual worker.

@starbreaker @codesections I hear that, AWS lambda and the horseshit it entails should be a full time job in and of itself. $work semi-recently started a project in that quagmire and I got picked to take a significant part of writing that project. I think I spent a good three weeks going to bed every night with a headache.

@pants @balrogboogie "free" is a trap word to obscure the flows of power. if you say "water should be free for Nestlé to come and fence it", you are empowering Nestlé to the detriment of people (BSD license). If you say "the rivers in our city should be freely accessible by fascist warships", you are giving resources to fascists (GPL Freedom 0).

The refusal of the free software movement to take a stance against capitalists has empowered capitalists, because Amazon can get a lot more power out of all the "freely" available code than individual workers can, in the same way that Nestlé can get a lot more power out of a spring than you can.

Moreover the very unspoken premise that this is a problem solvable by licenses in a legalist framework pressuposes that laws and courts are good and work for the people, preventing reforms of the real cause of software injustice: private ownership of the means of production. The freedom to see the source code means nothing if the server farms, networks, computer factories etc. are all controlled by a handful of capitalists.

I judge the quality of a web page by how many regular expressions I have to feed to sed after fetching the page with lynx -dump -nolist to get a readable plaintext version.

Last week I got tired of generating playlists using complicated find commands. I wrote a shell script to generate a plain text library of my music, search it using and extended regular expressions, and pipe results to mpv with switches to control repeat and shuffle.

I call it . You’re welcome to use it too.

I wrote and tested it on , but it should work on other BSDs, GNU/Linux, and GNU/systemd.


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