Do you remember when for a brief moment in like 2006, everyone wanted to have their desktop look like a cartoon, and the only icon set that mattered was Buuf?

I still wish people would experiment like this and go out of the box.

Nothing fancy. I've got a setup that works for me and not much incentive to change it. Just , , and on . Display is 2560x1440 @ 200dpi.

dotfiles at

A friend of a friend is in his nineties and has decades of journal docs in WPS format that he can’t open any more now that he’s using Google Docs on a Chromebook. I converted them to HTML using libwpstools, then to doc files using a headless LibreOffice command. Bash enabled me to covert hundreds of files at once. Uploading now. He’s gonna be so happy. And I downloaded all the tools for free. I love the command line and this community. I’m feeling very accomplished this morning.

We're (not) sorry to see you go

Unlike the commercial data silos and Proprietary Spyware out there, doesn't (and shouldn't) try to appease everyone or pretend it's cut for everyone's use.

This is post 12 on my project

"Linux doesn't do Games."

"Who needs Games when you have Linux."

AI :troll: 

Every AI is a Mechanical Turk. It looks like a machine, but under the hood it's just the result of work by people who are frequently unpaid or underpaid, uncredited, and unappreciated.

The FBI is breaking into Americans' computers to delete malware—and going beyond the law to do it. (Thread by an ACLU attorney:)

init systems :troll: 

“systemd is to PID 1 what Bitcoin is to money.” —Lennart Poettering

I'd love to have something like Undertale's SPARE mechanic, but a bit more in-depth and involved than just trying every TALK action until you can spare them. something like an anger or emotion bar that you have to manage, and a rapport meter you can build over time that affects future encounters.

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v0.8.1 (Diamonds & Rust) is out.

rockout now caches playlists in /tmp/rockout-${USERNAME}.m3u by default. Change this using the PLAYLIST environment variable.

You can use “rockout -p” to reuse this playlist. If using ‘-p’ with the ‘-d’, ‘-r’, or ‘-s’ options, it should come last so that the others are honored (until I figure out a fix).

You can use “rockout -d” to force mpv to display a window and show album art when available.

Just disabled on my website cause you have to opt out and not opt in. That's some scummy shit there Google, but I guess it's on brand for them.

Oh my~ / community, you guys are just amazing 😻!

I had never seen a considerate distro for writing down the caveats during the builds / runtime in their README files, not even the BSD distros do, AFAIK. 😆

I was just annoyed with a bug in , the FOSS version of SimCity game. The author of this slackbuild told me it’s okay to play. :slackware:

What my rockout script really needs is a -m switch to send email, but I'll save that for v1.


That’s one of the perks of OpenSource as others can spot issues and report them 😊

I was actually browsing hour code on my phone that I spotted that. There is a chance that there are other things that I have missed, but in general I loved the way you put together that repo which at its core is one single shell file. I’ll probably start converting some of my gists into that format. 👍🏼

Last week I got tired of generating playlists using complicated find commands. I wrote a shell script to generate a plain text library of my music, search it using and extended regular expressions, and pipe results to mpv with switches to control repeat and shuffle.

I call it . You’re welcome to use it too.

I wrote and tested it on , but it should work on other BSDs, GNU/Linux, and GNU/systemd.

If the only way to is to play “notice me senpai” with a corporate social platform’s version of , I’ll stick with obscurity.

link to pleroma shitpost, :troll: 

This post is full of weaksauce. Try being Gen-X and having Boomer parents who ask you if you "have the new Atari" when they mean the PlayStation 5.

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