It makes me laugh I bet MS regret buying the domain office Office365. I could not help but try numbers below (that reflect the actual uptime). There not owned by MS buy spammy squatters instead.

@thumb @IslandUsurper I installed the latest debian, followed the guide at Linode on postfix install.
I also had to send an email to linode asking to open port 25 they did, then fail2ban.

rude words 

Dropbox For business
Skype for Business.
GIMP For business
LibreOffice For Business...
market wank...πŸ˜‚ So this is what the we have been doing wrong all these years.

Own infrastructure 

I waited years before I decided to run my own email server. I have been running postfix on Debian now since December and I'm not looking back some guides on big cm cloud providers, do advise against it, but it's been smooth running and reading the guides took me about 2 weeks to setup. It would have been shorter but fail2ban took a bit of work. If any one is on the fence I say go for it.

I just had a swab test over my private jitsi self hosted vid conf. You know what the default was! If that is not a win for FOSS i don't know what is.

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@unicornfarts @wholesomedonut

I did upcycle my non electric bike which I would recommend any one do as it was easy to buy a wheel and battery. I work too far away unfortunately to cycle.

I'm looking for a good second hand car. It has to go from a to b. Consume the least amount of fuel. Be easily repairable. And have the last amount of proprietary bs possible, and parts need to be readily available. Don't care what it looks like. What car is this?

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How I feel when I have to do something complex on an embedded system with no high-level languages installed

Hardware hack if you don't have the correct size long reach socket put an Allen key inside to take up the slack.

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I propose a boycott of all software that has an officialy validated microsoft developer signature


Thank god for fediverse, I dwell in the UK and all other media is cranked up to 11 with bombastic bullcrap!

I have been injected. The spike protein is like a binary blob. Now I just have to find the source code or reverse engineer the binary, to be inline with my principals.

vaccine IP 

There is an interesting debate between poorer countries and 1st world. The poorer countries are asking for the Intellectual property in order to manufacture their own vaccine. Is this right?


In days of old, why was right theirs and left mine. I can't see the convention? Can anyone enlighten me?

covid tests 

Any one here had a covid test. I tried to have mine and I just found it too uncomfortable. Eyes streaming unsuccessful. Despite wanting to have it. I'm generally not sqeemish either no problems with injections etc.

wireless charging 

Qi wireless charging has a realistic efficiency of 60% this is crap imho, better connector design needed.

I tracked down a bug today by compiling all our versions since our last release then applying a test in a binary search, I was able to track the issue down to a specific commit. Although I have not got a clue what the code does yet "I'm the new guy" I fell like I found a needle in a stack of needles. Go binary search what a powerful method.

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No school district should buy devices for students without securing the right to sideload the apps they need on them – imagine buying 50,000 Ipads at public expense and then having Apple boot the app you rely on out of the App Store!

Likewise, no district should buy Google Classroom without securing a legally binding guarantee not to block interoperators who want to integrate other ed-tech services into the curriculum, with or without Google's cooperation.


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I just introduced my wife to KeepassXC what a great app and relieves me of the mental burden of passwords.

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