1999: Nothing but a fast-loading search site.
2019: We track you on every move, reCAPTCHA, advertisements, give government access to your data without your permission

@ssiyad Looking at the past puts the present into perspective.


20 years have passed, a small fix is needed:

"Google is a pure advertising engine - biased results, profiling, filter bubbles, exploitation of personal data, censorship and mass surveillance... Everything to serve the interests of multinationals and authoritarian governments - Avoid it at all costs."

🔗 fuckoffgoogle.de
🔗 nomoregoogle.com

Cc @FuckOffGoogle

#nog00gle #fuckoffgoogle

How sad. They went against everything they (supposedly) believed in for monopolization and the profits that come with it.

@ssiyad "Somewhere in a galaxy of a parallel universe…"

@ssiyad You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

@ssiyad Maaaan, this takes me back. I remember using.. metasearch, I think it was, quite a lot. It'd pull results from infoseek and webcrawler haha, oh the old days. When I was a kid I remember using archie and veronica heh, although it wasn't long after that http took over.

Oh, google, how you have fallen.

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