Fugitive.vim so awesome Git wrapper! 👍 infinite respect for the author and many contributors. You're guys just rock stars🤘. So much pleasure from using it, so it should be illegal for sure 😄

Hmm, this is a really good product - frame.work/ I especially liked the idea of QR codes for each part of the internal elements. Also, it has a very good spec for today. And price! But unfortunately, preorder is available only for the US.

Surprised, but many developers nowadays still do not know how to use git-rebase properly, and even that git-blame exists. Do you think this is fantastic? No, it is real life.

Advantages of remote work: today I started working at 5 am, to update with downtime the production database, cluster, and edit NS records. And at 12 am I will already do my own business. Long live Friday! ☕ 😉

"Jack Dorsey confirmed to investors that bitcoin will be a “big part” of the company’s future.." 🤔 I think it will be funny 😄

"If you want to make the wrong decision, ask everyone." - Well said!

Deployments, services and ingress, cloudformation configs + aws eks + extensions via helm + aws alb/nlb + certs etc .. when you need to set it all up together it's such a pain.

World’s first consumer-Level Linux Tablet indiegogo.com/projects/jingpad It seems like a good device. And they want to bring JingOS to phones as well.

I'm trying to set up my old printer HP p1102w on the new wi-fi router through hplip (1:3.21.4-1). It auth into the new network with errors and does not want to get an IP address. I see just in the self-test device configuration. It looks like I need to find a way to update the firmware, but this is almost impossible with Linux. So I need a Windows laptop :windows:

Professional coffee drinker: this should be a title line in my CV ☕

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Knock knock Race condition Who’s there? 😄

Three weeks ago, I went with my colleagues to a neighboring city and got covid-19 there. I must say that the nastiest disease I've ever had. No computer at all, the head did not work at all. It was like completely Mind fog and weakness with the temperature all the time. The temperature at some point rose to 39.7 🙈 . And I am still slowly recovering. The doctor said that I must forget about sports for several months. So stay healthy guys, hope you are doing well. 💪 .

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Sweeet, a Terminal based presentation tool, supporting markdown-formatted slides:



Pro-tip for those who have mobility workplaces and moves around a lot like me. I bought a portable 15.6" monitor for $155 from AliExpress. It's called ZEUSLAP: 1080p IPS monitor which packs into a flat panel like a tablet. It connects to my 14" laptop thereby expanding the work area. Very useful and extremely portable device. Also, there are 4K panels and panels with a touch screen, but they are certainly more expensive.

Hey, users wanted to ask you, do you use neovim? if yes what has really changed for you? Why did you switching to it? Just don't tell me it's all about the GUI and API clients or it really is?

So many vulnerabilities this Thursday: lwn.net/Articles/858144/ probably it's time for a major update :tux: stay safe 💪

I work all day, and it's Saturday, but who cares. Ordered the and remembered an interesting fact: did you know that nobody knows how the word pizza originate? Do you have any versions?

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