needed a taillight for the bike to go watch the July 4 fireworks

built one out of a soldering practice project, a battery pack and lots of ducktape

... I'm not even an actual US citizen (yet), buuut... do I get extra points for American-ness for it flashing red and blue?

(had no white LEDs, sorry)

this is now officially the most network ports I've ever had on a single computer

it will be the fanciest router ever

once I get it to boot some kind of routery fanciness


first steps with FreeBSD!

(... well, um, this is exactly how far I've got :P)

... even though it is surely evil and unholy to install a non-free binary driver for this ethernet card...

... it was a package from SiS, from 2001.

And it actually works, 20 years later, on a system that is open source, and is _not_ windows.

I don't even. This is amazing. Congrats to all the ReactOS devs!!!

A followup on that earlier "we'll need to get ReactOS on this thing" post:


No network yet & dragging windows around is somewhat less than buttery smooth, but it went through setup & boots nicely!

Finally got around to labeling & organizing all the micro SD cards from various raspberry pis. Gluing little labels on them makes everything soooo much less chaotic!

... we'll need to get ReactOS on this.

(for anyone wondering "... but why???": we're still working on those answers.)

Decloudifying wifi plugs! This is the second one I'm reflashing with ; it takes some soldering, but it's not actually that hard, and now I can just switch on my fancy decorative lights from the command line!

(sitting on the balcony with this hanging in the air in the spotlight, I'll surely eventually persuade "neighbors" that I must be some kind of mad scientist trying to open a dimension gate or something.)

... did you know that as per Actual US Copyright Law, if you own a copy of a book / CD / movie / etc, you can lend it out, even for money, no matter what menacing words labels print on the disc?

(which is how physical DVD Netflix worked for titles they couldn't license. They just bought them in the store.)

Seriously, even "until the heat death of the universe" copyright would be better than our current "you don't own anything" regime.

(... the book is really good btw; worth a read.)

Not sure when exactly this is happening, but... possibly sometime today?

(they're doing a 12.5 km "hop")

TIL Risc-V Mini-ITX boards are just about to happen. Still super pricy ($600?), but...

... is this the platform Apple will make its next platform jump to in 2035?

(if they jump, I don't quite see where else)

As we all know, Moore's law is dead. And it's even worse for SD cards:

since ~2004, this is the second time the numbers slowly climbed up to 512, only to start over at 1 for some reason.

Truly disappointing.

First time spotting the ISS while not even looking for it. Turns out "sitting outside on the balcony" is just enough: it was passing directly overhead & it's really bright right after sunset.


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