Has anybody done any sort of comment system that embeds and/or links Mastodon/Fediverse posts that reference a page? It seems like it would be an interesting way to provide comments and expose those comments to readers...

/cc @feditips

@mwop @feditips afaik it won't work in a fully generic way (... kinda like hashtags don't; there is no one central entity that looks at all links submitted & sends out updates); agreeing with @ramsey though that it might be a thing that some instances do implement!

@ssafar The point of the ActivityPub and Webmention specs is that it shouldn’t rely on a central entity. 😉 @mwop @feditips


@ramsey @mwop @feditips well yes :) but then if someone on ActivityPub instance X posts a link to blog A but X doesn't support Webmentions, you can't do anything on the "A" side to fix this

(... maybe if every instance Y that X federates with would look at links & send out slightly redundant webmentions... e.g. if Pleroma decided to do this, but Mastodon not, it might work. Having looked at my nginx logs: currently, no one is doing it.)

@feditips @mwop @ssafar That would probably start using a lot of resources. If an instance doesn’t implement it, there’s not a lot you can (or should) do to fix it.

@ramsey @feditips @mwop ... actually, thinking about it...

... would it even use extra resources?

if you post a link to fedi, your server will already get a wave of http get's with all the instances with people who follow you, to fetch e.g. a page title to embed

hitting you with yet another wave if you support webmentions (... which they can tell based on the page they just fetched) wouldn't be even that bad :)

@ramsey @feditips @mwop (okay that's obviously extra resources, but... only if you specify that you want webmentions)

@feditips @ssafar @mwop I think the spec also prevents other actors from saying some other domain mentioned your page. I could see that being misused, if there wasn’t some form of verification.

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