Modifying DNS records automatically should be a whole lot simpler if we want everyone to get their own.

(and we definitely want that.)

, episode 45.


I “do expect a followup article on how this would actually make things a whole lot better if it worked this easily.” 😉

@ssafar, I don’t think I understand. Every registrar I’ve dealt with (all of…4?) has a web page to create/update DNS records. Most of them give you a drop down selector for the type. I can’t imagine how it can be simpler. Google tells you what records to add. You don’t need to understand why in order to get it done, right?

@IslandUsurper you're definitely right about it not being complicated... it's not much harder than setting up your static IP address once you connect to a wifi network. My parents could definitely do both with some help over the phone & would get the hang of it after a couple times.

I'm kinda glad that at least DHCP is a thing though.

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