Inspired by @kev's and @celia's recent posts, I ran Web Vitals on my site.

It's... um...

, episode 32.
(also from the "how to write posts really quickly" dept.)

@ssafar @celia thats so interesting! Like you, i would have thought a statically written site would be pretty high on that scale out the box.

I hope you do write some follow ups.

@kev @celia yeah, sounds like it's a worthy competition between "site is static" and "it's also digitalocean's smallest VPS" + "I was lazy with thumbnails" :)

(followups are fairly likely!)

@ssafar @celia DO smallest droplet will be more than enough to get straight 100s

@ssafar @kev @celia maybe if your site had an RSS feed it would be faster :blobcatderpy:

@obsolete29 @joeligj12 @kev @celia ... wait, are you saying... adding RSS feeds for a blog should come before rotating webGL cubes???


... you might have a point there.

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