The is like a virtual city. Each website is a building. Sometimes you see suburban homes, and at other times, offices and storefronts.

Offices => company sites
Storefronts => online stores
Houses => personal sites

Compare the web with your hometown.

Where are the mom-and-pop shops? How come every other site is just an advertisement or billboard? And, most importantly, why don't most people have a house?

Static hosting is pretty much free. Why do most web-inhabitants just consume (youtube, twitter, etc.)?

@binyamin Most people rent a flat? Because they don't want to build and maintain their own house?


@sanchez @binyamin renting a flat sounds good enough; why everyone rents from Standard Apartments Trust Inc. with its mandatory listening devices in each room and uniformly blue front porches (more than two plants in windows forbidden!)... is another question.

@ssafar @binyamin Looks like a valid point even if I don't really see it this way. Almost every flat is different from others even if furniture is from one or two stores. I don't know situation in your area but here you have some other few popular developers, not only SAT Inc. Why people decide to rent easy to get, cheap and still generally acceptable flats? Maybe convenience?

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