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Retro nostalgia and why my new website looks like Window 9x (2019)

(submitted by cardamomo)

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Before going away for a week I decide to risk it and do preliminary testing of my 8Bit version of the #RTL8019 #ISA #networkcard card (
The results are promising: lucky me, otherwise I would have had it in my mind for a whole week, gnawing at my sanity. #homebrewcomputing #retrocomputing

... even though it is surely evil and unholy to install a non-free binary driver for this ethernet card...

... it was a package from SiS, from 2001.

And it actually works, 20 years later, on a system that is open source, and is _not_ windows.

I don't even. This is amazing. Congrats to all the ReactOS devs!!!

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How to install OSes in increasingly weird ways! (yeah, VMs rock.)

, episode 5.

A followup on that earlier "we'll need to get ReactOS on this thing" post:


No network yet & dragging windows around is somewhat less than buttery smooth, but it went through setup & boots nicely!

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I currently have accounts for...

Mastodon (obviously)




GNU Social

Admittedly, most other than Mastodon never see any action, I keep them for research and as backups in case Mastodon fails.

Tell me, are there any other good Fediverse services I should sign up to? Ideally, I’d like things more similar to classic Facebook and MySpace than more Twitter-like services like Mastodon and Pleroma.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Looked at named pipes on Windows, comparing them with Unix domain sockets.

I should probably claim that you'll get much wisdom reading this. Well... it'll probably not provide enlightenment, but... at least it's one more tiny step on my holy quest against TCP sockets.

Also, SMB is weird, alien and (in a way) fun.

, episode 4.

First time you've written a CD?

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funniest shit to do when interacting with old nerds

- calling anything round you see a blu-ray, even vinyls.
- "windows 95? lol windows is at 10"
- calling internet explorer 'the old edge"
- calling every os subsystem/website/program an app
- pretending you don't know what a floppy disk is
- calling usb-c "phone plug" and usb-a "microphone plug"
- only sending them images via snapshat/instagram/discord "but its easier like that!!"
- "mail? its only to sign up to websites! what do you mean you can send mail with them? i have discord for talking!"
- "my pc? its an asus so its super fast!"

reply with your own favorites (unless you're old)

Have you ever seen The Lion King or Star Wars?

Just a friendly reminder:

as per the Protect Children's Movies Act of 2031, your brain is, in this case, a derived work of the Intellectual Property of The Walt Disney Company.

As the recently updated license terms state, using it for any sort of criticism, commentary or inappropriate reporting on the People's Republic of China is now (and always was) a severe breach of terms and therefore constitutes copyright infringement.

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Something very wonderful, written in HTML by a very wonderful person, is now live. I didn't make this site, but it's an entire site defending RMS.

The cancellers are officially on notice.

#SupportRMS #DefendRMS #RMS #richardstallman

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Pleased with RMS’ statement! I appreciate how he’s handled the situation. It’s my fault for jumping to conclusions, which started this whole mess.

My apologies Mr. Stallman, you’re a good man at heart, you just struggle socially, which I can identify with myself.

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#Emacs about to get #JIT compilation for good:

Mixed feelings for me: “woohoo!” comes to mind, and also “what about Guile?” — Conway’s law applies! I’m sure it’ll make me a happy user anyhow. :-)

Let's write shell scripts in Lisp!

(it's a lot more reasonable than I actually thought)

, episode 3.

(... aaaand now back to writing actual scripts instead of articles about them :P)

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Why isn't /lib/modules in /boot instead? That way you could mix and match distros & kernel versions!

"ohh let's just update Devuan; it shouldn't be a big deal"

2 hours later:

"why am I looking at real fresh kernel patches about DRM_IOCTL_SET_MASTER permission issues?"

(apparently, my excellent "xinit -- vt1" session manager is now broken because it isn't root enough; back to lightdm for the time being...)

"I should make a coffee before starting work"

*looks at coffee cup, still half full, currently being drunk*

"OK maybe later."

Free Software in practice: will you actually sit down and customize things?

Yet another essay-like thing in the style (this is episode 2). With an only mildly relevant but pretty screenshot.

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