@Gina I’ve hidden it in the top shelf so I have to get on a stool to get it... Also I eat it piece by piece to make it last longer. But the temptation... Oh, the temptation...

@Gina starting my third quarantine week. I’ve managed to have a healthier lifestyle than before: better food, more exercise and after the first week of eating everything sweet I decided not to buy more sweets beside 85% cocoa chocolate

@Gina @cwebber is there a good FOSS (or not) solution for multi conference video?

@Gina you stole it from us!!! Looking for the Sun the whole morning in Barcelona and it was you who had it!

Do *NOT* open emails before your morning coffee, better yet, don't talk to people before your coffee.

After installing 's Clear Linux on my Dell Latitude 3340- i3-4005U @ 1.7Ghz / 4Gb RAM / 250Gb SSD

#nobot should not even be necessary. No bots should ever follow or even interact with anyone unless explicitly requested by that person. I block any that do so.

Me while working: 0 new messages

Me on vacation: 10 e-mails and 8 slacks


It's been 3 months since I removed the comments section on my website - here's a follow up post about how I've found it...


@daum3ns thanks! I’ve been here for a while now and I love this community

@Gina @emanuel Not much better here. We are in orange alert for strong winds and rain in Barcelona...

This is a good article that makes some very good points.

Doing Things That Scale – Space and Meaning

#Windows7 will stop receiving updates next Tuesday, 14th of January. We want to help Windows users upgrade to something better. You can help too: Help upgrade to KDE's Plasma desktop. #Upgrade2Plasma

#Windows7 users #Upgrade2Plasma - The Movie:


@JPEG yes, they work perfectly. The problem is in the home one

@JPEG I’m still getting the issue even though I have old data in my home stream

@JPEG since last Mast update the application crashes when trying to load my home stream. It’s not random it happens every time. However if I click and hold the application icon I can see a preview of my home stream. Pretty weird. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

As an insomniac myself, getting a good night rest is like waking from a nightmare, feeling relieved and safe. It normally happens when things are improving

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