@edel wow, thanks for the discovery! They're really cool!

@celia for the price range I like the Les Paul Studio LT HCS but there are others with similar prices

@celia there are good models of the Epiphone Les Paul for that price.

Familiar with :apple_inc: Swift, UIKit, and know your way around XCode? Want to help advance the state of on ? :xmpp: 📱 We're looking for developers to help bring our iOS app over the finish line! 🏁

This will be a paid short-term project producing FLOSS. DM or email matthew@snikket.org if you're interested.

Not an iOS dev? That's okay, boosts appreciated too! 🙂

Ok, I can understand that Django 3.2 doesn't need six anymore, and six may have some overhead but... Holy cow, it is really impressive how much faster Django 3.2 is compared to 2.2.

@mastonaut is it possible to set a higher character limit when posting? One of the instances I use supports more than 500 characters per post and it’s not reflected in mastonaut.

Apolitical is a euphemism for political with privilege.

My Fediverse timeline is full of people doing cool things in collaboration with others.

My Twitter timeline is full of people competing with one another while performing their bullshit jobs.

US has 3X the vaccine needed for its people, and denies India raw vaccine materials as cases spike to 300k / day.
Meanwhile, China getting vaccines to poorer Global South countries as US and UK continue vaccine hoarding and inequity.

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@celia @meduz I didn’t know this existed. For python there also are the pyladies community

@celia yes, some things are a little bit confusing and changing between versions of the language. If you need any help, ask away, I've been using Python for a while now...

Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

personal growth 

@jalvarez you're right, but, at least for me, the joy of these small communities is in the interaction between peers and no so much in the prize (as in likes)

@celia exactly, that's the point. I tooted (is this a word?) about this and put it inside a CW even though my toot was only about a decision I took. Better to be safe (you and everybody) than sorry

@celia These topics, imho, should, as you say, be behind a content warning as they will probably trigger a discussion that can escalate pretty quickly

personal growth 

@jalvarez I want to de-gamify my life. I don't want to keep getting trophies for doing stuff (visit that country, join that activity, participate in everything), in fact I want to remove "likes" and "achievements". This is one of the reasons I'm moving away from big social media and moving into smaller and more focused communities

personal growth 

The older I get, the smaller I want my personal world to be. More and more I prefer doing less but more meaningful stuff than to just gather experiences for the sake of gathering them.

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