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📱 Instant messaging clients. Choose wisely what you use to communicate.

A visualization by @niboe under CC BY SA license.

Please share ❤️

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You are looking for the latest@ManjaroLinuxARM software to be able to run on your #pinephone by @thepine64? Then get our #dailybuilds now from #github. Every morning a new image in all our major flavours!

#phosh, #plasmamobile, #lomiri


Original tweet :

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If you want to read something about the recent Service Pack update for the , check out Brad's article to learn the details before you update:

cc @nipos

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January Update!

- Announcing @mobian CE

- keyboard progress update

- and production news

- podcast in Feb

- New website is now up

- software news

- Red & firmware update

and much more!

Really happy to see my contacts growing (fast). Couldn’t have dreamt for this day before the fiasco. Really as simple as that “Use Signal”. Donate to them if possible.

Where are you my Pinephone ? Can’t wait to play with these builds

Resurrected an old Redmi 2 which my mom was using before 4 years . Now with Lineageos 17.1 and microG. Can’t believe it’s freaking fast and battery is fantastic too. Finally ended up doing this setup to the oneplus 3T too.

Wtf WhatsApp. I really want to convince all my WhatsApp contacts to move to Signal.

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The #PinePhone modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 ( we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

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Just completed my self (vps) hosted implementation. Took around 2 to 3 hours. In the end totally worth it.

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Unused for more than 2 years. Finally took the necessary action.

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We had such a lovely time in our room that we decided to make it a permanent thing! ✨

Behold, a general chatroom: 🎉🎉

So far there have been interesting discussions about topics like , , , , , but also non-tech topics. It's at a different pace than , so they compliment each other nicely.

There's an open door policy, so anyone is welcome to join 😊

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