In the last 24 hours - I cycled between Mobian->ManjaroLomiri->pmOS->DanctNix->Mobian. problems 😀

@sridhar i thought I was the only one with problems. In my case pinephone is working so slow. The only distro I haven't tried yet is mobian. I had my pinephone turned off until yesterday I decided to turn it on again.

@jrballesteros05 Mobian nightly is pretty good actually. Good collection of apps and there are everyday updates. Its getting better everyday. The only thing i dont trust on any distro at the moment, is the battery management.

@sridhar Battery management in Linux kernel is crap. Even for laptops have been crap, I guess there are a lot of work in battery.

@sridhar I've heard that the PinePhone has some performance issues after watching a video from The Linux Experiment on Phosh.

Somewhat unrelated, any opinions on Manjaro/Lomiri? Curious since I have a Nexus running UT

@marquiskurt I tried Manjaro Lomiri once 10 days ago and again yesterday. Overall Lomiri is quite polished and smooth (compared to Phosh) but they are missing a lot of apps at the moment . Most default apps are ported from Ubuntu touch version. Most of the distros that i tried allowed me to do a scale-to-fit on the apps, but this one dint. So moved on. Will try again after couple of weeks.

@sridhar Definitely looked like Lomiri on Manjaro was missing a lot of apps, but I hope that gets taken care of soon.

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