@sridhar updating packages on a phone like it's 2009 and N900? :-)

Guys, that’s not future, that’s past. This little fellow in 00’s was running full Debian or Ubuntu versions like a breeze: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharp_–_open_1280x960.jpg

The problem was not the system, it was the crappy UX - every water tap on a screen is an annoyance. That needs fixing. So the gadget rests in peace in a drawer. I hope this time, with your iteration of tech it will work out better.

@FailForward @sridhar Actually I used to have that Zaurus back in the day. Nice hardware but software was dodgy and unmaintained. Also it was a PDA, not a phone.

@feld i just opened the box and did a sudo pacman-Syu .. could have done this using the Software updater as well I guess.

@sridhar I wish the future would hurry up and get here! :-)
jk. I keep testing and loving it.

@sridhar and here was I thinking that I was cool because I had installed in my stock android phone. That is sexy as hell.

But not sure about the systemd part, though :artix: ;)

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