If you get a follow from spyro@friendica.mnementh.co.uk please add. It's my new server (friendica) and hopefully my permanent home here in

Not a bot.


I had friendica working earlier.

removed phpmyadmin, and deleted / recreated everything, and now it doesnt work (wanted a clean start).

I suspect removing phpmyadmin has removed some dependency of friendica, but diince I have no idea what friendicas dependencies actually *ARE*, I'm fucked now.

Why can't people be upfront about their deps? why doesnt it tell me whats wrong instead of just showing NOTHING.


@helpers Hey, I'm attempting to set up friendica on lighttpd.

I had it working earlier, but wanted a clean start, so I deleted and recreated the db, and checked out a new copy of friendica (stable branch).

now I get a blank screen in firefox, and a 503 from lynx.

I didnt change the webserver config.

How can I get debugging out of this? I have tried the webserver logs, but theres nothing there of any help.

Also, running bin/composer.phar install "suggests" a lot of things. Should I care?

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RT @mrsautumn_
Wer vermisst mich? Gefunden am HBF #Bochum. Fundbüro der @DB_Bahn nimmt ihn nicht an weil „hat kein Wert“ wenn unter 15€ 😢😡 Gern RT. #Fundsache

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Using bluetooth relay attack to open a Tesla car, and smart locks, while the owner's smartphone is physically afar (~60m).

Turns out the and gate is connected to the pwrgd pin on the pcie connector.

That makes total sense then. Yay

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#OtD 17 Apr 1920, dockers in Dublin refused to load foodstuffs destined for England. The action helped relieve severe food shortages in Dublin, which had been dire since 1917, while huge quantities of food were shipped to Britain libcom.org/history/general-str

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Fixed a defective sapphire rx580 nitro+ for buttons today...

Problem was a failed AND gate near the pcie bus.

Swapped the crispy critter with one from a dead 5850, sacrificed a chicken, and...

It posted!

Reassembled, and booted Ubuntu, and it'll smash out doom at 60fps, in 4k.

Sick a f. Runs 3x4k@60.

Very happy bunny.

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I have seen Ukraine has started recruiting children soldiers, this is bad idea and Child Abuse, in #Africa we have already enough children soldiers, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan leading, it doesn't end well for the young ones whether injured or not, most of them who are active in front line combat don't make it alive.

You know very well
this is wrong!

Testimonies of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the #Congo | International Review of the Red Cross

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