Eren Jaeger is one of the best characters I've ever read

Remembered an abandoned side project I have that's been knockin' me $5/mo in VPS fees...

Just shut down the server, scrubbed the repo of anything to do with the backend & deployed the new trimmed down UI (for the two people that might still use it lol).

I will now use my new meager savings as justification to purchase something wildly more expensive. Bass guitar been soundin' fun recently, and I'm kinda counting stacks over here now that the VPS is off the bill 😎

alias rgrep=‘grep -Ri —exclude-dir=node_modules —exclude=“*.map”’

is the only reason I can get anything done at work

Is Fedora Silverblue (the immutable read-only mounted OS) open source? Does anybody have a link? I've been all over their site

and qwant/searx and I don't know if I'm blind or what but I can't find the source.

Tell me why this is stupid: why can’t servers *actually* perform rendering by pre-building the DOM and just sending a copy of that to the browser? Why make the browser parse html at all?

yo HN ain't all bad 😆 is sick


Anybody ever think it would be cool if twitch had some concept of "neighborhoods"?

IRL, you get a good amount of context about people based on where they hang out and where "they're from".

Maybe twitch could come up with some way to show you what channels people in the chat came from before.

Might make it easier to strike up convos in chat, or just see what type of "neighborhood" you're in for a certain channel.

Not concerned about privacy if it's only intra-platform.

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Does anybody see an opportunity, for either open-source or business, to make use of 3D printers that people just have at home sitting around?

I'd love to print a few designs but I don't want to buy a printer because I'm only going to use it a handful of times. But I'm sure somebody down the block has one just sitting around, ya know?

Does anybody else occasionally watch the bitcoin transaction feed for just for the heck of it? So cool to see all that money moving around, and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it. Crazy.

Apparently i_o passed away yesterday... man I can't believe this... he put out some really incredible music that never fails to calm me down and I'll never forget the set he did for edc virtual rave-a-thon this year. Rest in peace man 🙏

I think I understand interfaces in go now! This blog def scores high on the "learnings/words" ratio, nice little analogies too.

(Taking a break from crying)

It’s far from perfect, sometimes uncomfortable to watch and full of tropes and gimmicks...

Often times charming, colorful, funny and immensely beautiful...

But most of all, without a doubt in my heart, it’s the most incredible showcase that I’ve seen of what it means to be human. No work of art has connected with me as deeply as Your Lie in April. Oh my god...

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US election (information for absentee voters) 

If you voted absentee and haven't yet received confirmation that it was counted, check your ballot's status. The process for doing this varies by state but you should be able to find a guide on the Web. If it was rejected, you can still fix it in most states, but deadlines are coming up quickly. Again, this varies by state and you can find more information on the wider Web.

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