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"In every crisis, there is an opportunity" somebody

With the Coronavirus I started to publicly develop the Generic Allocator (Gel).

I first posted about it on Twitter,
but now I am trying Mastodon:

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So I started to describe my journey on Twitter:

The thread order is kind of ..... up.

Let's see how this will go.

My example of the oral exam seems to be solved.
I checked some parts manually and it seems to be 👍

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Today I have simplified the styling of one button type on my site:
One class marks a link as button.
The other class defines the priority of that button, which influences its styling.

This way I am slowing making the styling more independent from the document structure.

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Thereby, I also found out, that XSL does not consistently support relative paths. 😞
I'm now solving this via stylesheet parameters,
where the Java program determines the relevant absolute paths before executing XSL.

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So let's try to make this thread more continuous. 🤓

So, I made reestablished the static deployment of the web server. ✨
I'm noticing the bad state of my web server more and more,
especially caused by hard coded paths.

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First, I need to create a spec,
which can be implemented in any way and where each implementation can be combined into one renderer,
via a simple shell pipeline.
That should make the architecture a lot smaller and adaptable.

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