Ready for our next meeting! I feel like my dog thinks she's much smaller than she actually is.


@kev I believe there's an unstudied (AFAIK) part of dog psychology that means that the larger the dog physically is the smaller the dog believes themselves to be. By this same principle (albeit in reverse) you can also explain why small dogs (e.g. a 2 pound Chihuahua) think they can take on much larger dogs in a fight (e.g. a 90 pound German Shepard.)

My parents' Great Dane (160+ lbs) acts like he's a lap dog all the time despite being large enough to crush you. Its a challenge

@splatt9990 that's interesting. I didn't actually know that was a thing.

@kev I don't know that it's actually a thing, its just based on my personal observations. I was also being a bit facetious.

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