Protip: If you're watching video on your phone, it becomes much harder to notice resolution changes after you reach 480p. You can save yourself a lot bandwidth/data as well as a nontrivial amount of carbon released by setting your video quality to go no higher than 480p

@splatt9990 very true and a very good tip. I stream either 360p or 480p.

@fatboy I was recently watching a tv episode on my phone (Dr. Who) at 360p. Honestly, I couldn't really tell the difference between that and the "HD" version that played on my TV because the phone screen is so small the resolution difference didn't really matter

@splatt9990 @fatboy I always go for either 360p or 480p. Only when 720p is available or I just wanna try it out do I go 720p.

@splatt9990 Yep, I've had NewPipe default to 480p for a while now. Rarely notice a difference. Good tip 👍

@splatt9990 Yeah, that's what I do in newpipe, I limit the resolution to 480p not only data, but fit more videos onto little storage space :)

@splatt9990 hi res is good for screen real estate, not for actual visual information; our brains don't process that much visual info... most carbon is released due to tillage...

@splatt9990 I do notice, but my phone's resolution is FHD (1920x1080) and has quite a big display. 480p and 720p is a huge difference in quality.

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