I would highly recommend this book for anyone trying to break into Common Lisp (its free online):


It demystifies the language and breaks it down into manageable chunks that are easy to understand. I'm currently about halfway through it so far and its quite enjoyable. Unlike some other lisp texts, you don't feel like you need a graduate degree (or higher) to comprehend the content.

TIL (or should I say HML) there's an Esperanto meme subreddit (because of course there is)


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The strangest feeling: you end up going down a rabbit hole to some interesting small blog on the internet and find out the author lives less than 10 minutes away from you.

A strange thought:

In a few weeks, will officially be a decade old (really almost 13 years old). Its strange to think that a full decade has already gone by.

I still remember starting my first survival world all the way back in 1.6 beta. They'd just introduced pistons into the game and the best (fastest) way to get around was using the booster minecart glitch (which hasn't been a thing for a long, long time)

A very interesting (if long) read. Worth checking out today if you have a few hours to read:


Note: unfortunately this is only published (online) on Medium. There is an option to buy a small paperback version of the article (yes, it's that long) if you'd like to avoid being on Medium for more than a minute or two. That's actually what I did and I have to admit it was a all around superior experience but YMMV.

Came back to bed the other night after getting the baby to sleep to find this sprawled on the side of the bed...

Stupid shitpost, HP related 

If Hufflepuffs are good finders, I guess google must all be Hufflepuffs :thinking:

If you plan on cooking regularly, I'd highly recommend spending the time to learn how to properly sharpen your kitchen knives.

Its a small monetary investment (for the whetstone set) and a medium time investment, but a good sharpening can give you an edge on your blades which lasts months or even years.

Not only is it super satisfying to cut things with a sharp blade, it's actually safer too (see saying about dull blades in the kitchen)

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Protip: If you're watching video on your phone, it becomes much harder to notice resolution changes after you reach 480p. You can save yourself a lot bandwidth/data as well as a nontrivial amount of carbon released by setting your video quality to go no higher than 480p

@fnord if you're referring to RMS, the FSF and the FSFE are technically completely independent of each other, sharing only ideologies. That is, the FSF doesn't make decisions for the FSFE and vice versa.

I don't know if that'd affect your decision but its worth knowing.

Watched the ring with my wife tonight (The original Japanese version with subtitles.) It was made extra creepy by the fact that the dates in the movie perfectly line up with this year. They put up the date in a title as Monday September 20th and *it is* Monday September 20th (at time of writing). We didn't know or plan that, just a weird coincidence. Hopefully the phone doesn't ring in a bit

So the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world is happening in my hometown this weekend (since Munich canceled theirs again.) I'm of mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, this will likely never happen again. On the other hand, there was a reason Munich canceled their celebration and it probably ought to apply here as well...

One of my favorite things Ive learned in is that the word for potato is terpomo which is a combination of tero (Earth/ground) and pomo (apple). So potatoes are literally dirt apples

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