US politics and videogames 

So AOC streamed Among Us and Biden, in a very "how do you do, fellow kids" moment made a AC:NH island. I guess you know your game's become a part of history when politicians are using it for their campaigns

Want to enjoy pasta on a diet? Learn to make it from scratch, manually. Pretty sure that makes it pretty close to calorie neutral. Also, you get really good pasta

Every youtuber: Youtube is really hard to break into. It's takes a lot to get a big video

also Youtube:

Me: writes complex regexes
Me: makes a hopper clock in Minecraft for the first time without consulting a tutorial

The guy I'm pairing with fell asleep on the job. What a jerk.

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Got a new office chair today and haven't had time to dispose of the old one. Its been "repurposed" anyway

Random youtuber: don't watch this video!
Me: sure thing pal!

Of course, this is also the same team that brought you the SQL interface to S3 (yes that's a real thing)

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Apparently if you copy something using S3, it can return a 200 ok response and still fail. Their docs basically tell you to 'deal with it'. I'm not sure if it's comforting to know they suck at designing interfaces too or terrifying.

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You've known Microsoft Bob

Now get ready for...

Microsoft :todd: Todd

I assure you, he's neither dead nor high. He just likes sleeping next to his own poop for some reason

My wife started searching for her too and we looked in every place we could think of with no luck. We called out her name and even tried the 'jiggle the treat bag' trick all with no luck. I even searched our garage and backyard.

I was about 5 minutes from calling up my parents and organizing a search party when I checked our bedroom closet. The little jerk had been sitting in there with the door closed the entire time. She just looked up at me like 'What?'

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Lately, she's been getting very good at hiding from me when its time for her medicine. Usually though it doesn't take me more than 5 minutes to find her though. Tonight, I filled up the syringe and started looking for her. After one pass around the entire house, I was a bit concerned. After two, I was getting scared.

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So fun story, I thought my cat ran way. Turns out she's just really good at hiding.

Some back story: every night I have to give my cat a small syringe of prozac (she has extreme anxiety and gets very aggressive when she's scared.) She hates this medicine though (it tastes bad I guess.)


having a single function's documentation (just the input's documentation in this case) span more than 10 pages of paper should be punishable by death. Looking at you AWS ElasticTranscoder

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