I guess I'm not the only one dealing with sleep deprivation

So there's a bird in my neighborhood that is apparently quite the narcissist. They sit for hours and look at themselves in the side view mirror of my car.

How do I know this? There's a nice huge streak of bird poop all the way down the side of my car right next to the mirror.

Must be a migratory bird too because they only just now started up again.

Things I never imagined googling in the twilit darkness:

the baby lullaby version of Free Bird

Oh, wanted to add, thanks for all the words of encouragement and congratulations from everyone here. They were a nice boost when I still felt like a shambling zombie 😅

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Probably final update to this page:


just went up. I gave a quick update about the last 24 hours and some news about how little Evie (my new daughter) is doing.

Oh double-shot espresso drink, you understand me!

My wife's currently being induced for our first baby (its a girl). It'll be a while yet before she's here though (probably late tomorrow or early Friday.) Super excited😁

I'll be posting updates here:

Reason to love #perl #43,223: Solving a fairly complex problem in less than 10 LOC. 

We have to distinguish between the legitimate uses and brackets that are literal. I'm not sure how I would've done it without , let alone so succinctly.

Basically, I iterated through the brackets in the string, captured it's contents, checked to see if it was a variable sub. If not, used perl's introspection to see if it was a method call. If not escape it. Magic.


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Reason to love #perl #43,223: Solving a fairly complex problem in less than 10 LOC. 

Had an instance where our i18n code was barfing on some input strings. It allows you substitute in variables or function calls using square brackets. Problem is, some strings legitimately have brackets. We introduced a new system to auto translate our interface recently so now we don't always have control over the input.


SSH over slack is particularly tedious. The latency isn't all that great either

My unborn child:
Picture 1: when I'm not looking
Picture 2: when I'm looking or have my hand on my wife's belly

@ChrisWere I just saw your fountain pen page on your Gemini capsule. You should see if you can find a converter for your pen as that'll allow you to draw up ink from an inkwell which is a lot cheaper in the long run (one bottle of ink ~= 50 ink cartridges.) On top of that, you can also try out some cool inks that aren't sold in cartridge form.

my wife was trying to take a nap earlier and the dog wouldn't get out of her face so she said "Winnie go away!" so Winnie circled the coffee table and came right back.

I'm not sure if the dog is just dumb and earnest or a low-key master of sarcasm.

Programming horror story:
I was working on a mobile app interface for a legacy webapp at $work. I was rebuilding an existing form in the web version and documentation was scarce about which keys the api expected so I thought "I know, I'll see what the web version sends and copy that." I go to the web version and try modifying the form with the network tab open in Firefox. It was sending the whole form input as HTML to the backend. It took me a few minutes to recover from that one.

Home improvement progress:

I switched out the outlets and switches in my living room this afternoon. The old outlets seem to have been original to the house as they were still two prong (no place for a ground wire.)

I'll sleep a bit better now.

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