Tiny kitten and tiny human? I'll take all the internet points please

emacs' built-in project package. It's pretty much the same exact functionality that projectile gives you but without needing an external package and also (IME) a bit faster. It also already has keybindings so you don't have to do anything to use it. Hit `M-; (info "(Emacs) Projects") RET` to view the manual page for it. It's only like 3 pages so it's not a lot to remember.

Nft nonsense 

Someone should make an nft of the Brooklyn bridge just to really drive home how much of a scam nfts are.
"Would you like to buy the Brooklyn bridge?"
"Do I look like an idiot?!"
"How about an NFT of the Brooklyn bridge?"
"Now you're talking!"

Me: gets up to grab more snacks
Smartwatch: Good, you're staying active!

TIL: if you swipe left on the button bar in (the one above the keyboard) it opens a normal android textbox for you to type in so auto complete/swipe texting works. Not much good for coding but it's nice if you want to write prose.

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shitting on 20 year old kids movie 

My wife put on the Yugioh movie for some reason. I swear it looks like they only did the key frames for that movie, or they made a story board and a manager walked past and said "Why is the movie only in black and white? Kids like colors! Color it in!" and despite the animators attempt to explain it was only a story board, that was submitted as the final print.

Shower thoughts 

If a sysadmin mainly deals with managing and tending to various Unix services, does that make them a daemonologist?

Random Bash protip:

You can actually use a different syntax for piping things which is reminiscent of input/output redirection. If you type `command <(inputcmd) >(outputcmd)` that's functionally the same as `inputcmd | command | outputcmd`

As an extra benefit each of those is given its own file descriptor so its like passing a file into the command. That allows you to do something like this:
`diff -u <(ls /dir1) <(ls /dir2)` to compare the outputs of two different commands.

I'm at the point of sleep deprivation where I just found myself absent mindedly humming the Wii theme music at my infant daughter... I guess she'll grow up to be a Nintendo fan right?

When you're tired af and don't want to wait for bitbucket to take it's sweet time to load the PR list so you guess the PR number in the URL and are right:

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Alcohol mention 

Essential parenting equipment. Its been a long day

Finally bit the bullet and tried out i3. Gotta say, tiling wm's are quite nice. It's a lot simpler than I thought it would be tbh.

Can we maybe fork the FSF? Keep the ideals and lose the problematic people? Don't get me wrong, I strongly believe they do more good than harm but the decision to rehire RMS is a real head scratcher.

Got to play an exciting game of "Why is the baby crying this time?" for five hours last night (spoiler: she had a big booger stuck in her nose and needed it sucked out). Hopefully she sleeps tonight.

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