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One time travel story approach is to go back in time to correct a cataclysmic event. When it works, things are better in the future. There can be unintended side effects. For instance, a pandemic. The coronavirus (as bad as it is) could be much less worse than what happened before the intervention from the future. In a novel. Just a thought starter. mentions the as a decentralized alternative to / . It comments favorably on handling invasive extremists recently.

How hard is it to add
ul li ul {
margin-bottom: 0;
to the in a template when adding ul {
margin-bottom: Npx

On being better than others 

They believed that people were better than animals, men better than women, white people better than black or brown people, rich people better than those without, Protestant Christians better than Roman Catholic Christians, this country better than all the others, this generation better than the next... but all of that “better than” leads in a bad direction.

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The web that raised me was a digital playground in the truest sense. It was made up of HTML experiments frankensteined together by people still figuring it all out.

The beauty of not completely knowing what you’re doing is a lack of premature judgement. Without a standard to rise to, you’re free to go sideways. Explore. Try things that don’t work, without any expectation they _will_ work. An open world with a beginner’s mindset.

The web that raised me was a little…

Anyway to undo a Boost on ?

I do them accidentally by double tapping sometimes.

On a Nook device, which uses Android, Google Files just recommended uninstalling an “old” app -- a non-Google keyboard that I use regularly on that device.

Just their lying way of saying, use more Google.

Think I'll install FDroid, see what I can reset to factory settings there.

“In this timeline” is a good answer for so many things.


How can you be an and enforce authority over animals by eating them?

Someone posted about sm addiction. Reading it, they meant social media. That's not what came to mind...

When time travel is discovered, it is released as an open source Time Management System. The core is forked many times. The nature of each TMS affects time travel effects -- whether time travelers are seen in the past, stability of split off timelines, whether small disturbances matter, all the things that writers have used to fictionally explore time travel.

Short term are helpful on a larger project, because I work more intently as they get close.

I enjoy squeezing a created neighborhood among real ones. It anchors the fiction, fills in the macro aspects and provides room for .

People apparently don't realize how offensive it is to use the word 'retarded'. It's a slur against people with intellectual disabilities, and has been for many years. Be a decent being and don't use it.

Starting a few minutes ago, I will unfollow anyone who uses it.

lewd bad 

Hey, you! Show me your toots!

Does anyone know if anti-tracking can be left on (for privacy) but the ad blocker turned off in ?

Is there a way to save hashtags, to build a list of to take a look at once in a while?

Apparently it's a thing to pay for drawings of naked furries.

Filthy rich used to have a nasty sense to it.
Today, it just means having a lot of or wealth.

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