Comment trouver un raspberry pi 3 sur paris ? D'occaz

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🐛 DNS resolve error bug solved thanks to NaggingDaivy for being fast off the block reporting this, PA3LIT0 for helping out and ciphel for confirming it. Clear bug reports really help developers with their fixes :). Much appreciated 💜

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Dozen, the open-source implementation of #Vulkan support on top of #DirectX12 for Microsoft Windows platforms, has been merged into Mesa3D's source tree! 🎉🥳 #OpenSource

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After a month of testing, my Pale Moon config has proven to be incredibly effective against fingerprinting.

I've come across an article that explains how to fingerprint you without JS. The test is here:
With every refresh, I get a completely different fingerprint.

If we look at the details, we see how the config of the Secret Agent add-on is spoofing a lots of parameters in every request.

More about my Pale Moon config:

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Weekly Update (11/2022): A RISC-V handheld, Fedora on the , Precursor shipping and new releases of SailfishOS, libhandy and libadwaita

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In my journey to I had some joy to extend 's . It is now more convenient to start (wrapper start script, ) and now I want it to emit some standard event:

With this fix my setup will print some nice progress information through

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Project spotlight: awesome-management
👔 Engineering Team Management Knowledge Base

Available at:

GitHub link:


Via GitCom you can support open source and get rewards in return or monetize your open source project

#gitcom #github #gitlab #opensource #tech #development #monetization #platform

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Got my Framework laptop within a week. DIY option is easy to build. Performance is great. Ubuntu 20.04 worked out of the box. I love this little thing so far, it's the bee's knees.

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40+ of the best open-source tools to build your startup, from project management to infrastructure

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Is there such a thing as an "ethical domain registrar?" And if there is, would anyone recommend one?

Thanks in advance : )

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It seems that YouTube Vanced has been served a cease and desist. To Newpipe it is then.

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looks pretty cool, much simpler and more light weight than !

Anyone experiences with it? Know of any projects using it for their ?

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#AndroidAppRain at @fdroidorg today with 53 updated and 5 new apps:

* Anemo: a private local storage utility 💾
* CollinsDictionary: a client for the … Collins Dictionary 📚
* МК 61/54: emulator of the famous Electronika МК 61/54 programmable calculators 🔟
* IzzyOnDroid: oops? Me? A client for the IzzyOnDroid repo (not written by me) :android:
* WebRTCCheck: WebRTC Check for Android 🌐

Enjoy your #foss #android #apps at and with #fdroid :awesome:

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Some recent milestones for Plausible:

$7k net MRR gain in February, 6k subscribers in total, 37k active sites, 10B pageviews counted in total...

And we're now a team of four after Cenk, our new infrastructure engineer, joined us! Feels surreal!

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One thing that annoys me about #firefox is that there doesnt seem to be a good way to clone profiles so you could use the same base setup of plugins/addons.

Did the copy the folder content into a new profile but i had to setup containers again,
Open this site in this container otherwise use temporary ones.

#askfediverse anyone know a good and reliable way to do this?

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