@kev good point :thinkhappy: I've added it to my to-do list and I will try to update the texts on the website soon.

@wizzwizz4 what's a better alternative for hCaptcha? I never used reCAPTCHA because of their privacy policy; Securimage was defeated by bots. So I guess hCaptcha is the best solution for now. 🤔

switched to the powerful and privacy protecting Captcha by @hCaptcha@twitter.com for better protection against spam bots :crazy:

Spamty can now be used to hide all your contact information from web crawlers: spamty.eu/index_text.php 🆕

:tor: you can now reach our site via tor here: spam57mghoh6c2ro7greup6vz2d7ij4ulm3a7f5linfbqdjqa774vzyd.onion

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@selea@social.linux.pizza @fosstodon@fosstodon.org do you know any good CloudFlare alternatives for bot protection? I'm using their services only because it's free and gives me ddos and HTTP bot-raid protection and it's working very well. And I couldn't find any better options yet, I would like to move away, but now I don't see I can.


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