I've always been interested about the security and privacy aspect of everything.

Today, I'm about to dive in to the world of CyberSecurity and InfoSec.

If you're already an expert in this field, do you have some tips or suggestions to get started?

Finally, 2021 is the year when I'll have my contacts using Signal app :)

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#ClimateChange bigger threat than #COVID: Red Cross

The world should react with the same urgency to climate change as to the coronavirus crisis, the Red Cross said Tuesday, warning that global warming poses a greater threat than COVID-19.
In the report, on global catastrophes since the 1960s, the Geneva-based organisation pointed out that the world had been hit by more than 100 disasters since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic in March.


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@thumb @fatboy after starting to use mastodon I have basically stopped using all other social networking services (not deleted yet). Really did not expect there to be such a difference, but mastodon to me is a breath of fresh air. If more people were to try it I think they might not have any qualms about leaving Facebook and company. Having to actually follow people to find interesting content feels really good. No more algorithms, just a treasure hunt!

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Our engineering team has been doing this for a few weeks now. Enjoying having this Avenue to share more info about happenings and plans. Anything you want to hear us talk about?
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Episode 6儭 of our is live!

Available on:


Road to Google-free

Email - Tutanota + @protonmail
instead of Gmail

Web Analytics - @PlausibleHQ
/ @Cloudflare

Search Engine: @DuckDuckGo

Maps: Google Maps

Cloud Storage: Mega

App Marketplace: Using F-droid partially

Mobile OS: Android

How's yours going?

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Finally settled on a domain for my app.


FOSS, client side, private contact sharing!

Spread the word (I think it's really cool and you should too, kthx)

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Im very excited to announce Boundary! Simple and secure identity-based access to hosts and services. Free and open source. 0.1 available today and an exciting roadmap ahead. hashicorp.com/blog/hashicorp-b

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You can get all your stuff done. 地nd honestly if youve got an old Windows machine that you dont want to have to run Windows on, put elementary OS on it and it becomes a nice little workhorse.

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Another week, another Hacker News spike! 不

This one for our license change announcement.

Live stats plausible.io/plausible.io?peri

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Anyone using a wireless gaming mouse?

Feel free to share your thoughts on it!

I think with the Ryzen 5000 series pricing a bit higher than Intel chipsets, the average consumer would lean on Intel?

For Enthusiasts? Sure, Ryzen. But, not for everyone I think.

Especially, if the 11th gen processors sit below Ryzen 5000 with the pricing

Today's the big day (Ryzen 5000 series launch)

Let's see what they've got this time!

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