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Several open-source projects out there.

But, what are some of the most interesting ones that you'd recommend taking a look at?

Not a big deal, but I'm now a tiny patron for Fosstodon on Patreon πŸ˜ƒ

Keep up the amazing stuff here!

Tbh, I'd like to see Steam stats for Linux users improve compared to the overall market share:

Writing an article about censorship in India. I hope I don't get censored as well 🀣

While we understand why some VPN companies are abandoning Hong Kong after recent moves by China to limit freedom in HK, we won't remove our VPN servers in HK without first fighting for what is right. We are taking precautions, however. #StandwithHK @protonvpn

I found the ultimate security app to secure a smartphone for an average joe!

I know it's a clickbait title - but the blog is completely ad-free, so feel free to see what I'm talking about!

You want to learn shell scripting? Or you want to improve your existing :bash: knowledge? You can start learning Bash shell scripting for free with these resources of PDFs, video courses and interactive Websites by @soul_predator

As a small step towards making the web ad-free I've introduced India's first community sponsored tech blog!

I'm just waiting to get involved into a partnership with a hosting company. But, other than that, it's really good to see Indian people contribute for content that's ad-free.

It has been almost 3 years with as the managed hosting provider for my blog. And, it's still going great!

As recently mentioned, Fosstodon is preparing to make 2 donations to a couple of open source projects, in the amount of $200 each. We need our Fosstodon members' input on where to send those donations. Use the below link to submit the info for an open source project that you'd like us to support!

We'll stop taking submissions, on 6/26. At that time, our Fosstodon Patreons will vote on those submissions and narrow it down to 2 entries.

If you think PS5's design is original...

This is a PC - Zotac MEK1....

Nowadays, almost every other tech reviewer promotes products without considering the practical use of it and with absolutely no comparison to any of the alternatives that a consumer can get.

I get it - latest and greatest and all that. But, not all consumers want it (even if they can afford it).

It's becoming more like "Premium/Flagship tech review" rather than just focusing on devices/hardware in general.

Let me know what you think.

elementary OS is now available out of the box on over a dozen models from two OEMs. It’s now easier than ever to get elementary OS on well-supported hardware! Read more and check out our first two retailers:

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