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Unfortunately, 2020 isn't for April Fools online (I think so). But, you can still have some fun offline with your family! ;-)

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Everybody talking about their struggles with quarantines and lockdowns, and I'm over here as a homebody who already works from home not noticing a difference.

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Tired of switching from video/chat app to a file sharing app to your local document editor to your mail client ... ??

#Nextcloud Hub adds context to your conversations. Have a call on the side of a document you edit, associate files with tasks or a chat.

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If you run a website, optimisation and website performance are massively important. I like to think my website is pretty quick, especially since it's running WordPress. Here's how I do it:

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Promote FOSS - but don't overlook the problems along the way and don't behave like a retard.

Instead, try to find solutions or contribute to the problems encountered.

Nothing's ever perfect. Keep in mind and help the community to improve with a good attitude :)

What do you want me to do here Flatpak...?...smh🤦‍♂️

I still don't get why some Linux distros don't have Gdebi/Eddy baked in like Pop!_OS.

Downloading a .deb file is very common for users on Ubuntu-based distros - so why do they have to search online to make it work separately? 🙄

I don't like to have anything on my desktop, so just showcasing my icons/theme on Pop!_OS 19.10

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It's a bummer that I have to still use Google instead of DuckDuckGo for queries like "Stock market" stats and song lyrics.

Google's featured snippets come in very handy, i must say.

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I always post things I think are important to know or things I find interesting. I hope you do too?

Guess what?

Tomorrow is Friday!

We're trying to move from Slack to Rocket.Chat. However, there might be a couple of unresolved issues.

Primarily, our research engineer says that this needs to be addressed @geekgonecrazy:

Any pointers on this?

Also, if you have any suggestions that you'd wanna pass on to help make the switch easier, let me know :)

I started donating to open source projects (which I mostly use) this year.

Like, Firefox, Signal, Joplin Notes, AnySoftKeyboard, Ardour, Protonmail, and the list is increasing...

Now, I'm planning to support different projects every month because donating to every project I like isn't feasible at all 😪

And, supporting these awesome projects is important.

I'd be curious to know what open source projects do you guys support or plan to support?

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