Just think about how much better the world would be if we just all accepted that people are different, and there is nothing wrong about that :)

@sotolf i dont just accept it but i love that we are different.

@dsv Sure, I do too, but before people can love we first have to accept :)

@sotolf I never talked publicly about my sexual orientation because I think that this is my personal thing and should be shared ONLY with my partner whether it is he or she or whatever gender is now in fashion. With this being said, I don't understand these memes at all. If you are gay, that's your personal thing, I don't need to know that. If I want to know that I will ask. That simple ..

@dammn I'm not gay, so I don't really get what you're talking about, I just thought this was a wholesome picture showing acceptance, which is something I find is important :)

@sotolf nobody points at you being a gay, that's first. Second, guy shows something about his son being gay. I DO NOT CARE, nor should you UNLESS that guy is impacting your life, personal space etc. Sexual orientation SHOULD NOT be anybody's else business but YOURS and YOURS only. You can be whatever you want and I will accept you the way you are until the point you try to invade my personal space for the simple reason: you were born this way. New trends with genders are different stories.

@dammn It seems we're in agreement about sexual preferences then, I don't judge people on the people they like, and neither do you. I'm not well educated nor do I have strong positions when it comes to genders so there I can't say much ;)

@sotolf yes we are .. but this new trend about exposing people's sexuality and putting it like a top priority in their lives is pissing me off. Now you came to the game with this meme which triggered my reaction. Well now you know what to press to start me off :-).

@dammn Haha :p I'm not doing this often, I'm not trying to expose people's sexuality, the only thing that I wanted to do is to give an example of how much better the world would be if we just all accepted that there are people that are different from us, and I kind of found that the picture kind of illustrated that :)

@sotolf These people are not different that any others. They bleed the same blood, they eat the same food, they shit like everyone else and they should be treated as such. There is this big misconception flying around that people with different sexuality are different than others. The problem is that certain individuals are putting them on top of others which in turn creates flames among people, me being an example. They ARE NO DIFFERENT than I am because they like diff things than I do.

@dammn I'm still not sure what we are discussing about here to be honest, I can't remember having ever claimed anything like that, but it's not something that can be denied that people that are "different" from the norm, often are not accepted, I'm not talking about treating anyone different, just to treat also people that aren't like oneself not differently than those who are :)

@sotolf well in my case I rode a bit off rails and I probably twisted your original intent with this meme. What triggered it was the fact that dad is pointing out that his son is gay. I would never do that to my son even if my son identified himself as a nightstand lamp because this is not my goddamn business. This was my point. Secondly, I'm in the "father mode" where I have to have "last word" in the discussion :-D.

@dammn Ah, so we two are pretty alike there ;) I also always need to have the last word ;)

@sotolf ... and did you know about #TOhtml command in #vim ? I found out about this command just now :-)

@dammn I don't think I've ever used it no ;) I have used the html export of vimwiki a couple of times though ;)

@sotolf to my surprise this is actually a command from standard distribution. Interesting .. I was researching the topic about making a presentation in #vim and hit this little tweak. It's interesting though and I can see a practical use of it in real life for me.

@sotolf classic showcase of false logic. Correct version: "Because he is not a machine"

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