Hmm, think about living in Switzerland, the flag is a big plus :blobcatthink: :blobcatthinkingsmirk:

@northern_dude That's more like a thin misshapen plus :p just like the Scandinavian ones ;)

@sotolf I'd move to England just to assimilate among Welsh people and mix my Slavic accent with their. It will be monstrous

@northern_dude Both welsh and slavic accents are great, I always wanted to learn a slavic language, I've just failed actually managing to do it so far, some time I will :)

@thumb No dad jokes are terrible :D dad jokes are the best :D

@sotolf well living in austria you must realize that their flag is a big minus

@Johann150 Oh no 🤯 I never actually saw that, I can't unsee it anymore, thank you I hate it 😂

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