Should I assume that the world is not in fact getting into a worse and worse situation mentally and that it’s simply that I’ve become more aware of it as time goes on?

@brandon I don't know, and I try not to care, I can only do something about my immediate neighbourhood, and I'm trying to make people around me more happy, if all would do we'd be in great place.

Also try to lay off news for a bit, it tends to get me into those kinds of thoughts.

@sotolf I think this is a good way to look at it. And the news addiction, yeah that was something I developed during the pandemic :/ It's really bad

I barely ever watched the news or read news aside from a single YT show from Philip DeFranco and this year I've found myself visiting my local newspaper's site daily, and paying a lot more attention to daily ongoings. Find myself frustrated more often


@brandon Yeah, that seems similar to what I've been having, really limiting the amount that I followed news helped me feeling better and less cynical about everything :)

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