This Linus takedown of an antivaxxer is close to perfect, I really enjoyed this (short) read :)

Shamelessly stolen from @malin

@sotolf @xpil

Fosstodon is much more lenient, it seems 😉

@MindOfJoe @xpil I'm not sure in regards to what you mean, but in general we're pretty lenient yeah.

@sotolf @xpil

Recursive wit: ( clown antivaxer indicated as off-topic for linux kernel dev group) indicated as off-topic for foss group.

... or maybe it's just my own overly-caffeinated sense of irony 😄

Happy Friday!

@MindOfJoe @xpil Ah so, we have loads of off-topic stuff here :) It's more like a place for people that enjoy Foss than a place to talk about Floss exclusively :D

@sotolf @xpil Love my fosstodon friends ~ no explanation necessary.

@mindofjoe 😉

@sotolf @malin I have no idea how the conversation ended up on that topic, but I'm glad to see Linus's aggressive emails being put to a good use :blobcatgrimacing:

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