@sotolf on a second thought VB and VB.net are even better… and sooo true…

@sotolf Scala very similar to Rust for me. I can kinda see Haskell, but nowhere near Rust.

Personally I'd replace it's "what if" with "What if Rust ran on the JVM?"

@Phate6660 @sotolf

Kotlin: what if Java was good?
Scala: What if Kotlin was good?


Jokes aside I think syntactically Scala is much closer to Rust than Haskell (usually; Scala is very flexible and can look like Haskell to if you want). But in practice Scala is usually used with a paradigm much closer to Haskell than Rust.

A big part of what makes Rust interesting is the "Borrowing & Ownership", which doesn't exist in Scala. I suppose the biggest thing to me that Scala shares with Rust and not Haskell is the optional mutabilaty. Because Scala doesn't have borrowing & ownership, it encourages developers to lean into immutability and copying to achieve safe concurrency, like with Haskell.

I thought Lua would be "What if everything was a table?"

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