@evandornbusch Not so long before you're in the reserve part age :p It's scary how much one slowly turns into an old person :p


@Johann150 @evandornbusch The "fun" thing is that so often it just feels like everyone else is just getting younger and younger around me :p Very often I still have this childish appreciation and position to things.

@sotolf @Johann150 Do you ever get the feeling that the older you get, the wiser younger people get?

@evandornbusch @Johann150 Hmm, more often than not I get gripped by how stupid their music and trends are :p But some times I get kind of this sinking feeling when I realise that someone I'm having a Normal conversation with, that is educated and is born after the year 2000 :p it's weird, so many things that came around 2000 still feels new to me somehow :p

@sotolf @Johann150 I feel this! I'm still discovering so much in life, and all of a sudden the floodgates opened. I blame fosstodon for opening my mind.

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