This should be eye opening to everyone that was discussing with me claiming that bitcoin mining is using mainly renewable energy.

@sotolf good find. The investor in me really wants to grab some Bitcoin and sit on it for a while. The environmentalist in me just can’t do it. I don’t understand how the core devs can keep working on it without even considering a move to some other consensus algorithm.

@sotolf I don't really see the point of this, I mean, is not up to bitcoin to be green. Is up to governments to implement rules on industries that create pollution or not. This situation should be improved but possible will be a reason to eradicate the benefits of the technology other than to have another motive to improve the state of things, mainly how energy is produced. And articles like this say clearly that the pressure should be on technology other than in govs to create positive change.

@epical yeah fuck the earth and where we live right... who needs clean air anyway... I find shunting responsibility like that to be rather asosial. It shouldn't have to be government's job to keep people from doing irresponsible shut like this

@sotolf yeah people will just put the environment before profits without being forced to. that's been tried, just look around, talking about fuck the earth.. :facepalm:

@epical Where did I say they shouldn't get forced to drop it? No need to hit a straw man there little buddy

@sotolf that was what I understood, no straw man intended. can we avoid the name calling pls?

@epical so explain to me how technology based on wasting resources and giving money by destroying the only thing we really have is in any way defensible. And why people defend it like it's something noble.

@sotolf you have to ask those people that think like that.

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