Just because you use and love a FOSS operating system, doesn't mean you have to advocate for ONLY but free and open-source apps.

I like Discord. Not Matrix.

The fact that Discord works so well on Linux is a GREAT thing, in my opinion. Makes Linux more appealing to non-users.

@Linux4Everyone I think we should 100% advocate for FOSS options, but also shouldn't shame people who use other options.


@koreymoffett @Linux4Everyone Yeah, I just think we should advocate in a less unpleasant way than what I see way too often, I see something that looks like "What you use is shit, you're stupid for using it" to the person being advocated to way to often, in my opinion "I've had really good experiences with x because of y, z" would be a more sensible way to get around to it, In my experience you catch way more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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