@UncleAlbie Vim is life, vim is beautiful, vim is wonderful :D Well I'm kind of biased, since I've used it for almost 20 years by now, and everything just makes sense to me :p but there is no way of better editing text for me :)

@sotolf Once the muscle memory builds, there's no way back, I guess.

I try to switch to some 'modern' editor from time to time, but I always come back to vim/neovim.

There's no way around the truth.


@UncleAlbie The stockholm syndrome is strong :p I can't really use anything else either, it's funny how that works, Iv'e tried emacs, I've tried vscode and sublime text, none of them really is as nice to work with, notepad++ for windows at work has been surprisingly not trash though, still no vim :p



Oh vim which art in the terminal
hallowed be thy name
thy editing come
my will be done
in insert mode as in normal mode
give us to day our daily ex commands
and forgive us trying other editors
as we forgive them for using others
and lead us not int temptation
but deliver us from bloat
for thine is the files
and the speed and the glory
for ever and ever


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