I have a question
In bash to cd to the just created dir I use “mkdir asd && cd $_” so I don’t have to rewrite the dir name.
How can I do that in fish? Tried to search online but found only bash results

@SonoMichele I don't think you can, one of the reasons that I switched from fish to zsh is that it doesn't support the $ and ! shortcuts.

@sotolf Oh no, I started used fish only because it autocompletes commands and they are colored hahaha

@SonoMichele zsh can do the same if you add a couple of plugins :) I have the autocomplete and syntax highlighting as well in mine, I'll see if I can find them for you if you want them :)

@sotolf Thank I’ll check everything out this afternoon when I’m at home, I’ll let you know when I finish or if I have problems haha

@sotolf I’m looking at it right now, I installed zsh and done the new user configuration. How can I set bash to lunch zsh when I open a terminal? For fish it was written on Arch Wiki. I don’t want to make it the default shell because I’m worried it would break a lot of things hhaha


@SonoMichele I just used chsh it won't break anythign since unlike fish it's bash compatible, I have no problems with anything that I have running in zsh.


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