@hund Is that as in a free fork of Newsboat in rust. Or a fork of Newsboat without being written in rust?

Why would not being written in rust be a thing to think about? Rust tend to make quite small binaries.

@sotolf A fork of Newsboat that's not written in Rust. I don't fancy Rust and it's modern, it just doesn't align with my views on good software. :)

@hund Hmm, then I know what you want, I don't see what features of rust would make it make not good software though, I could understand it if it was go, but I guess I will try not to start a religious war here, I use programs in all kinds of different langauges every day, when it's compiled you don't usually have to deal with the minutae anyway since a good program is a good program.

@sotolf I'm actually considering replacing it with email. That way I can read them on my phone as well.

@hund @sotolf I have my own solution. It is brutaly minimalistic, but it has TUI client (single python file), mobile client (2 dart files. Using flutter) and server (single python file server and single python file crawler). If you want I can share it with you. You can be my test pilot :) It may finally force me to polish it a bit.

@marian_mizik @hund He doesn't want to use rust because it has a dependency manager, what makes you think he wants to use two different languages which both have their own dependencymanagers :p

@sotolf @hund because python is core part of gentoo (and most other linux distros) so he already has it. And in case of dart/flutter, he will need only apk file. The code is only if he would like to read it or build the apk manually.

@marian_mizik @hund Yeah, for a rust reader he'd only need the executable as well, but he's against it for some reason that doesn't get said. (it was mainly a joke btw :))

@marian_mizik @sotolf Neat! I can test it and help you with it, but I will most likey just use rss2html locally because I'm lazy. :)

@hund I have been using rss2html until I made my small client/server solution, because I have commuted and travelled a lot in the past. I needed mobile client synced with desktop.

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