I'm now pretty happy with where I am with blocking javascript as a default, the web is usable again :)

@sotolf I used to use LibreJS which blocks JavaScript without GNU-style license notice, which practically blocked JS.
Most of the services don't work any more :)

@huy_ngo Hehe, that's pretty hard-core, I'm pretty happy with having a net that still works, but blocks most of the annoying stuff :p

@sotolf hey, i didnt know that either but in ublock origin's settings, you can enable Advanced mode, where you can selectively allow JS from individual sources, and you simply get the grid blocking. This guy goes into depth with uO, can recommend :)

@librewolf That's cool :) At least you can do it, but it seems a bit more cumbersome than the noscript way. It's kind of tempting to reduce the amount of addons in Firefox though :p

@sotolf @librewolf it's sad that uBlock Matrix isn't developed any further. Between it and Cookie Auto Delete I'd have most of what I need. At least as long as adblocking is done by DNS.

@sotolf I am glad you found noscript as useful as I have. (Also thanks for the shout out!). :)

Another thing I like about noscript is the ability to enable a script just for the current session. That way I can quickly use a website and some of it's scripts, but the next time I boot up my browser it will block them again, without any extra hassle.

@wesley :) Yeah, it's pretty great, and it works on firefox mobile as well, which makes looking up a site on the phone a bit less painful :)

Yeah, I try to make sure that I attribute things when I can :)

Yeah, ns is really neat, and I really enjoy it as well, now that I installed it again :)

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