@sotolf @0PT41N @tvass

Yah.. he thinks he's all that. At home he's all about the lazy cuddles and jerkiness sometimes too. Lol.

I dare not speak ill of cats. I used to have 4 years ago. We were thinking about getting one to keep him company. Just scared he might squish it. Being dainty ain't one of his strong suits. :-)

@rfquerin @0PT41N @tvass here is the only picture I have of mine being majestic rather than a derp :p

@sotolf @rfquerin @tvass I love ❤️ it! 😍 , Also now that's wallpaper worthy 😎 👌

@rfquerin @0PT41N @tvass Yeah, the thing is he's not the brightest dog, but for all he lacks in intelligence he has a great heart and is almost always really happy, I'd switch with him any day if I could :)

@sotolf @rfquerin @tvass That's the feeling of true love ❤️ for a friend no family ☺️ *tier of joy falls off of face*


@0PT41N @rfquerin @tvass Yeah it's my favourite thing about dogs, the endless loyalty and unconditional love, it's so good when you have a shitty day and he just looks up at you with pure happiness and cuddles in, it's the best :)

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