"Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Google Stadia, has caused a storm by saying streamers should pay developers for playing their games."


@hund If it is true that the copyright holders of computer games have the same opportunity to demonetize like copyright holders for music and film I dont see what the problem is.

I think there is something to be said about what kind of game it is. A game like CS:GO or Warzone I think it is basically just free advertisement, but if you are streaming a full playthrough of a game with a heavily story driven game like God of War or the Walking Dead, then it is not that different from streaming a movie in my opinion.

But all this should be up to the developers/copyright owners.

@bjoessi @hund Yeah it kind of is, but I have recommended games to people that I haven't played myself, but watch a letsplay of, something that I wouldn't have played myself anyway. so I guess it kind of works for stuff like that as well, at least in some cases. Also I often use the first episode of a letsplay of such a game to see if it's something that I would be interested in playing myself as well.

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