It's amazing what developers managed to get out of the old consoles, I'm starting to get convinced that restriction really can get the best out of people. The kind of experiences they managed to milk out of 4.19 MhZ and 16 KiB memory of the gameboy for example is mindblowing.

@sotolf sad truth is that developers tend to become lazy because there are so many resources available to them, and the mindset 'unused RAM is wasted RAM' have done a lot to get us to the point where we are rn

@metalune Yeah, another thing that is bothering me is the focus on graphics over gameplay, it has always been there to some extent, but it feels like lately it's more the norm than it used to be.

@XxAlexXx I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but basically the developers managed to make some really awesome experiences with very little resources, there are calculators now that have way more resources than what the gameboy had :)

@sotolf @XxAlexXx i think a lot of it comes down to needing to know the outermost limits of your hardware more keenly. You have a greater sense of space, a greater sense of what every little sprite, audio chiptune and line of code will do to affect your bottom line in terms of performance and available content per storage limit.

It’s why I’m really enjoying rust so far and will start doing Tic80 soon. Programming closer to the machine can lead to more optimal development, IMO.

@wholesomedonut @XxAlexXx Back in those days assembly was king, and they were agonizing about getting all the computation done that needed to be done before that next screen refresh, I've been looking into all the trickery they did to fit in pokémon onto the gameboy, and there are really some really fun stuff there, sure it's kind of a buggy mess, but that they managed it at all is really cool.

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