I think nihilism got an undeserved bad rep, yeah ultimately life is meaningless and nothing has value, but then we put value to the things that are important to us, to those who are important to us, which is what I think most people are doing anyway.

@sotolf Nihilism isn't "Nothing really matters :( ". It is "Nothing really matters :D ".

@sotolf I really love this view. I sounds more like it gives us the freedom to choose what's important to us 💯

@asym Yeah, that's one of the good things, the other is since life is ultimately meaningless, it means that no matter how hard you screw up, there is always a way back, you won't break the world :) The universe doesn't care about you, which is why it isn't against you. Well I don't know, it helps me when I feel like I've screwed up everything at least :) And yeah if I did believe in free will we could choose what's important to us :p

@sotolf personally I'm also of the view that freewill doesn't exist (should've put "freedom" in quotes 😝). But yea this is really sticking with me. I tend to put more and more pressure on myself and struggle to relax and enjoy the moment. This seems like such a good way to be more chilled out because in the end (as you're saying) it's all for no larger purpose 👌

We may find meaning rising out of what we do in our lives. Finding means looking.

@sotolf Once you understand and get used to the nihilistic nature of the universe, you realize that it means more possibilities than there otherwise would be, and to me, it leads to existentialism. We create our own meaning, we are in big part responsible for our outlook on our life and the world.

@sotolf Wait. I thought it was no longer nihilism if you inserted value into things that didn't matter in themselves.

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