@0PT41N @ndanes yeah, that's how he begs for snacks :p and it's very hard to say no :p

@sotolf @ndanes who can say no to that? 😊 that's a face of a true good boy

@sotolf @ndanes I musent fall of his cuteness must resist *struggling and grunting noses*

@0PT41N @ndanes I just realized I have almost only pictures of my dog on my phone :p

@0PT41N @ndanes oh no, not the pumpkin, everything but the pumpin!

@sotolf @ndanes *grunts and breathes heavily and kneels to the ground* It has seems you..... have... Bested me (also I have ran out of pics Most are just retakes and copies lol 😂 )

@0PT41N @ndanes haha, I'm just shitty at taking selfies, so I take pictures of my better half :p ;)

@sotolf @ndanes *kneels to the ground in defeat * you have bested me... that's what I would have said if I didn't have a backup plan! *dramatic battle music plays in the background*

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