This is why I prefer commandline applications.

TLDR; simplicity, automatability and aesthetics.

@yerinalexey sure that's also a big thing, but I kind of grouped that into simplicity :)

@sotolf I wish people made commandline friendly web frontends instead of commandline clients. Would greatly improve minimal web browsing.

@person Yeah, it would make browsing with lynx a lot more pleasant.

@spiral @person That one is actually pretty neat, the only thing I'd wish is to have both the local timeline and the home timeline visible at the same time.

@spiral @sotolf Just tried it out and I disagree, I think brutaldon works better for commandline. However for minimal graphical browsers bloat looks like a no brainer.

@person @sotolf :3 that's what I'm trying to do. is a project where I write scrapers for popular websites and make simple, JS-free and with minimal CSS websites. (google translate), (eBay)

@metalune @sotolf Dude, this is like exactly what I wanted! It looks sick dude, I'm looking forward seeing more sites added :D

@person @sotolf Feel free to suggest me some sites, I'll try to work on the most popular ones first

@metalune A frontend for reddit would be great, I didn't have good luck with reddit on lynx.

@person really good idea, should be rather easy to do since I don't have to write a scraper myself!

@hyphen @person it works only meh inside of lynx or links2 and it doesn't render correctly inside of dillo either

@metalune @hyphen That's to be expected, Teddit isn't that different from old reddit visually.

@hyphen Not for me, I want to login and shill for my favorite cartoons and games.

@sotolf About aesthetics: not every command line program follows the same patterns. Some have a shorthand with a single '-' for a more verbose '--arg', and allow chaining the shorthands ('-abc'), but others not. Some accept 'help', '--help', '-help', etc.

Having things like git, FFmpeg, ImageMagick, etc is awesome though.

@JosuGZ Yeah, sure, that's more on consistency that aesthetics, but yeah I do agree with you, it's why I went with a cli parser library for my own rust tool, it let me not have to deal with flags and at the same time support chaining long and short flags without having to deal with all the minutea myself :)

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